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    Lightbulb Help! 3rd Trimester trying to name our 3rd boy!!

    I'm really starting to get stressed out about naming our 3rd boy- since I'm now in my 3rd trimester...

    We have Noah Jonathan (Jonathan is daddy's name) and Henry Joseph (Henry is family name for me). Would prefer a 2 syllable name that is not shortened to a 1 syllable name because last name is 1 syllable and I don't like how it sounds.

    Names we are considering are:

    Jackson (to honor DH's late grandfather Jack)

    and I had liked, but DH isn't sold on Hunter, Hudson, Eli.

    Middle name possibility is Benjamin.

    I do like biblical names, but not anything too crazy, but am open to any suggestions.

    Any ideas?

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    What about Ezra Jackson? Ezra sounds great with Noah and Henry and it's biblical. It's not unheard of but it isn't mega popular like Jacob. It's two syllables and can't be shortened. Jackson as a middle name would be a great way to add another honor name like your other boys have. I think it would be lovely to also give this baby an honor name. Ezra Benjamin is nice too. If you don't care for Ezra then I would suggest Isaac Jackson or Isaac Benjamin. Isaac might be more on pace popularity wise with Henry and Noah. Lincoln and Jackson are good first name choices but I don't think they sound right with Benjamin in the middle. Also remember Jackson can be shortened to Jack so if you don't want a one syllable first name that's something to keep in mind. I like Lincoln Eli or Jackson Eli from your list. Or since you like Eli, what about Elijah as a first name? Even if it gets shortened to Eli it's still a two syllable name. Elijah Jackson is nice. I really like Jackson in the middle name spot, especially because it's an honor name. Also, all the boys would have a J middle name and that's a cool brotherly link!

    Ezra Jackson*
    Ezra Benjamin
    Isaac Jackson*
    Isaac Benjamin
    Elijah Jackson nn Eli*
    Elijah Benjamin nn Eli
    Lincoln Jack
    Jackson Eli*
    Lincoln Eli

    I put a * by the ones I think really sound great!
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    Elias Benjamin would be handsome. I am not personally fond of either Jackson or Lincoln (though I do love Abraham).
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    Thanks so much!! I am definitely thinking about Ezra. It's not one that I had considered, but interests me. Elias was also a possibility, so we will have to revisit that one. I really appreciate both your input!

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