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    Can this be used as a girls name?

    Hi Berries,
    I posted in the boys thread as well because I want to know if Hennessy is more of a girls name or boys or can it be used for either? Also if Hennessy can be used in general?

    Thank you!

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    Seeing as it's a non-patronymic surname, then it's a valid choice for either sex. I see no reason why it couldn't be used. What is the significance of Hennessy to you?
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    I feel it may be towards the male side though...what middle name could you pair with it? There is no significance I just found myself liking it. I like rare names, and have never gravitated towards common names.

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    I personally would not use Hennessy for a boy or for a girl because of its connection to the brand of cognac. It would be like naming a child Tanqueray or Courvoisier. I am also not a fan of luxury brand names like Lexus or Chanel.

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    If it's a family name, I would use it as a mn only. I wouldn't want a girls name to have the word "hen" in the beginning. I can just imagine the teasing to come.
    All the best,

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