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    Mix and Match BNG

    Using your answers, write your life story!

    What era do you live in?

    1. Medieval
    2. Colonial
    3. Victorian
    4. '50s, 60's, 70's, 80's (You choose)
    5. Present
    6. Future

    Where do you live?

    1. America (roll again if you are living in Medieval times)
    2. Britain
    3. Asia (specify where)
    4. France
    5. Australia (roll again if you are living in Medieval times)
    6. Your choice

    How do you meet your husband?
    Your choice

    What is your wedding like?
    Your choice

    What does your home look like?
    Medieval Times:
    50's, 60's, 70's, 80's:

    How many children do you have?
    1. Three
    2. Eleven
    3. Six
    4. Two
    5. Eight
    6. Your choice

    What are their names? (try to accommodate era)
    Roll for each child
    1. FN and MN
    2. Boy FN and MN Girl FN and MN
    3. FN and MN
    4. Girl FN and MN Boy FN and MN
    5. FN and MN
    6. Boy FN and MN Girl FN and MN

    Feel free to add pictures and lengthy descriptions!

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    Pacific Northwest
    My name is Astoria Lavvy Quell. I live in Melbourne, Australia in the year 2110. I met my husband, Sterling Magnus Quell, at the Matching Conference. (This is a conference where people of the age 18 meet and are given a Match to marry.) This is usually how people marry, but if you live in the country areas, you most likely marry a distant cousin, because in the country areas, everyone lives together. We instantly fell in love, and were more than happy to be Matched. We had the choice to get married wherever we wanted to, because both of our families where high in government rankings. We married in a garden with only our immediate family in attendance.

    We live in this house:
    It is a normal house for 2110.

    We have eight kids. Although people of the city are supposed to have 2 kids max., Sterling was lucky to get a high government position. The government bent the rules a little bit for us.

    DD: Clementine Nell
    DS: Cassian Zeno
    DD/DD: Eudora Prudence and Iris Isadora
    DS: Truman Jex
    DS: Leander Rafferty
    DS/DD: Finnian Amias and Auria Phoebe

    Clementine is a great older sister. She is 16, and helps out with the babies as much as she can. She is an A student and tutors other kids after school.

    Cassian is 13. He is the fastest runner in his school. He competes every weekend and always brings home a big win.

    Eudora and Iris are 10. They came as a surprise, as we were planning on having 2 kids. Eudora is a little firecracker. She usually refuses to do any schoolwork unless it involves drawing. Iris is the opposite of her sister. She is very calm and intraverted. She helps her twin focus on her schoolwork and stop doodleing. Iris is very close to Clementine, and likes helping with the babies.

    Truman is 7 years old. He loves following his brother around, trying to be just like him. He loves to climb trees and run around our yard when the sprinklers are on(although our HOA forbids thia type of behavior.)

    Leander recently turned 4. He much perfers looking out our glass walls and watching Truman run around than run around himself. He is pretty clingy to his mommy and loves watching Eudora draw.

    Finnian and Auria were a complete surprise. We had already broken the number of children allowed(times 4) and didnt want to upset the laws any more. But, I got pregnant! The twins are now 4 months old and are doing well. Little Finnian loves to be held by Iris and Auria likes being rocked by Clementine. With thr older girls to help us, Sterling and I actually get some sleep!

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    Lorna & Tom are an English couple who settled in Australia in 1989 following the birth of their 8th child, after having lived in France and then Italy for a few years beforehand.

    DS: Angus Frederick - 10 - 34 in 2013
    DS: Conrad Oscar - 9 - 33 in 2013
    DD: Eliza Juliet - 7 - 31 in 2013
    DS/DD: Theo Zachary & Chiara Ivy - 5 - 29 in 2013
    DD: Rose Emma - 3 - 27 in 2013
    DS: Jasper Felix - 2 - 26 in 2013
    DD: Susanna Mabyn (Annie) - newborn - 24 in 2013
    Writer, traveller, learner; name taste changing everyday!

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    Hello! My name is Rowena Lily Winters, and I live in the year 2100 in New York City, New York. My husband is August Nathaniel Winters and we grew up together in California. We were close friends for the majority of our childhood when the government passed something new.... We were 18, & due to a major decline of population because of several massive wars, the government had passed a Marriage law. All citizens of The United States from ages 18 & up had to get married within 2 years. If you couldn't find a partner to marry within the two years, the government would match you with another citizen. August immediately proposed, as we had been battling an ongoing attraction since our early teenage years. We got married the summer after high school in the garden of August's childhood home, where we had spent many hours playing, reading and talking. As I went to college for creative writing, August majored in law. When I was 25, we began having children, because August had finished school and we both had stable jobs.

    Our house:

    Our children:
    August Nathaniel Winters II, 15
    Phineas Maxwell Winters, 14
    Horatio Walter Winters, 12
    Emmeline Beatrice Winters, 12
    Isadora Margaret Winters, 9
    Gideon Leopold Winters, 8
    Chester Tobias Winters, 6
    Olive Josephine Winters, 4
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    My name is Candace Endellion and my husband is Thomas Endellion, M.D.; we live in present day America (thank you for the exoticism of that, lucky dice roll, haha), thus, the year 2013. I met my husband at work; he is an OB/GYN and I am a sonographer. He's older than me, a widower, with a daughter from his previous marriage named Poppy Charlotte, whom I adopt. We have a small wedding as neither of us is too fussy about that sort of a thing; he wears a gray tuxedo, I wear a silver, Grecian style gown.

    We three live in this lovely home with our Australian Shepard, Chiaki:

    We go on to have three children of our own. One girl first, followed by two younger brothers.

    DD: Cordelia Maude Endellion
    DS: Felix Oscar Endellion
    DS: Lorcan Amias Endellion

    Thus we are Candace and Thomas, and together we have our four: Poppy, Cordelia, Felix & Lorcan.

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