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    Question Baby boy middle name

    Hello everyone, I'm very new here; however, I'm a lover of names and am now expecting our first son!

    After much discussion, we've decided on the first name of Islan (eye-lan) but we're struggling on a middle name. We like Biblical names, we like unique names, we like some of everything...we're very open. We just need help, please!

    To give you an idea of our style, if we had been expecting a girl her name would have been Aris Simone.

    Thanks in advance!
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    5 year-old Aspen Noelle
    expecting a baby boy June '13

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    Islan Caspar
    Islan Reese
    Islan Nash
    Islan Phoenix

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    Is Islan set in stone? I see three problems with it:

    1) it is one letter away from Islam, and will doubtless be confused constantly with the religion. It will be even more likely pronounced the same-- isss-LAN rather than EYE-lan.

    2) it is one letter away from the Narnian/Azerbaijani name Aslan, and will potentially be seen as a variant. Again, this means it will be pronounced iss-LAN.

    3) it is very similar to your daughter Aspen's name. Two syllables, same ending sound, looks quite similar on paper.
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    It's not. Nothing is with me until I see this kiddo

    I quite agree with does seem eerily similar to my daughters name. What's funnier is I hadn't even thought of that until I wrote the post. Also, I brought up the Islam issue, my husband says "I don't want to name my son based on what other people may or may not be confused about". I have to admit, it's given me a moments pause.

    I like the spelling Ilan better than Islan, but my husband disagrees with me. I'm still fighting this battle...

    Thank for bringing up potential issues.
    Mommy to:
    5 year-old Aspen Noelle
    expecting a baby boy June '13

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    I wouldn't pronounce Islan: "eye-lan". Islan is less popular than Isla, which would also have pronunciation problems.

    I would use Aslan instead. Aslan, parallels with Christ, in the Narnia series, written by C.S. Lewis, a firm believer in Christ. Though not a biblical name, I still associate Aslan with Christianity. I also am reminded of fearlessness, bravery, heart, and mysticism when I hear Aslan.

    Islan Daniel
    Islan David
    Islan Dylan

    Aslan Elijah
    Aslan Michael
    Aslan Raphael
    Aslan Theodore

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