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    Boys' list fattened over the holiday!

    Happy New Year Berries!
    Apologies for this ridiculously long post.

    Cy (just Cy) is a love of mine, but I dislike Cyrus and its sudden trendiness. I was considering other ways to distinguish the name. My husband thought of using C.Y. initials, and he suggested the beautiful name Crispin to honor my grandmother Christine! It’s rare that he would be open to such a fawncy name, so I seized on it immediately and started thinking up combinations. In the process, my boys’ list became a giant SPRAWL! Please help! Your most penetrating opinions are needed!

    Names of people we'd like to honor: Marsh, Yu (Yusef, Ywen), Joel (Julius, Yael), Sylvia (Sylvan), Christine (Crispin), Dear (Darcy), Joe (Yusef), Randolf (and Raoul has a related meaning and sounds)
    Tree names honor my father, an arborist: Ywen, Yves, Yvain, Linden, Quincy, Sylvan
    Botanical names have some significance: Basil, Yarrow, Heath
    All other names I like for the sound, the meaning, or both.

    Cy Ywen, Cy Linden, Cy Quincy, Cy Basil
    Clement Yaromir, Clement Yvain
    Caspar Ywen, Caspar Yaromir, Caspar Yvain, Caspar Yarrow
    Claes Yusef, Claes Ywen
    Crispin Ywen, Crispin Yves, Crispin Yvain, Crispin Yusef, Crispin Yarrow
    Cadoc Yvain, Cadoc Ywen
    Claude Yarrow
    Cody Marsh
    Sylvan Marsh, Sylvan Yves, Sylvan Yael, Sylvan Ciar, Sylvan Julius, Sylvan Clement, Sylvan Yaromir, Sylvan Fionn, Sylvan Caelius
    Cyro Basil, Cyro Wythe, Cyro Marsh, Cyro Julius, Cyro Raoul, Cyro Ywen
    Cyrano Julius, Cyrano Marsh, Cyrano Yves, Cyrano Raoul - probably not, as DH dislikes Cyrano.
    Cypress Marsh, Cypress Yaqub, Cypress Yusef, Cypress Yaromir, Cypress Raoul, Cypress Randolf

    Ywen Marsh, Ywen Wythe, Ywen Ernst or Ywen Ernest, Ywen Darcy, Ywen Heath
    Caspar Lafcadio, Caspar Linden
    Crispin Basil, Crispin Wythe, Crispin Makepeace, Crispin Seafrid, Crispin Zebedee, Crispin Marsh, Crispin Randolf
    Basil Raoul, Basil Wythe, Basil Yvain, Basil Julius, Basil Clement, Basil Lafcadio, Basil Randolf
    Felix Makepeace, Felix Zebedee, Gunther Linden, Otis Clement, Otis Darcy, Ciar Cadoc

    Y-name possibilities:
    Ywen- means yew in Welsh. It honors Yu, and it’s a tree name.
    Yael -pronounced “YAH-el” Close to Joel. Too Hebrew-sounding perhaps.
    Yaqub -Arabic form of Jacob
    Yaromir -Medieval Slavic, means “fierce peace” (love that)
    Yusef -Arabic and Turkish form of Joseph. And it gets Yu in there.
    Yves - kind of a cross between "Eve" and "Yeeve." Love, but too femme?
    Yvain has a beautiful sound and I like the Chretien de Troyes connection, but very close to Ywen without the benefit of “Yu” sound.

    Lafcadio- Name taken from Greek island of Lefkas. Too crazy I know...
    Cadoc (for the Welsh saint)
    Caelius (Roman masculine root name of Celia, another love. From "caelum" -heaven.)
    Makepeace- Puritan virtue names are a tradition in my family, and this is a beauty.
    Seafrid (means “sea peace”)
    Ciar ("keer" Irish, means black)
    Fionn ("fyoon")
    Claes ("clous")
    Basil ("BA-zuhl" not "BAY-zuhl" I'd pronounce the A like "bad")

    Elm, Alder, Birch, Acanthus, Victor, Ishmael

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    Have you considered Cyprian, Cyril , or the Welsh Cynstenian/Cystennian, Cynan, Cydereyn and Cymry to get to Cy? Or even Cuyler? Granted some of the Welsh names would be pronounced with a "k" sound in the beginning but they still have Cy in them.

    From your list, I like Cy, Crispin, Clement, Sylvan, Basil, Felix and Otis.

    These "Cy" combos flow well and look good:

    1 Cy Linden
    2 Cy Basil
    3 Cy Ywen

    I like Clement but many people find it "dated". Clement Yaromir is an interesting mix.

    I prefer Jasper but Caspar is a fine name too!
    Best Combos: Casper Ywen and Caspar Yvain

    Crispin is a underused saint name that I find appealing. Cripin Yarrow is my favourite combo.

    Sylvan Marsh flows well.

    I like these combos from your non-Cy list:

    Ywen Marsh, Ywen Darcy, Ywen Heath
    Caspar Linden
    Crispin Wythe, Crispin Makepeace, Crispin Marsh
    Basil Wythe, Basil Clement, Basil Randolf
    Felix Makepeace, and Otis Clement (love these two combos)
    All the best,

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    Emms, I've been waiting for this and now I'm almost drooling!!!!! Happy new year present? Yes indeed....

    You've got a ocean full of names here, so I'm picking ot my favourites (the ones I think you should use, not the ones I would use) and the ones I think are not so good.

    Marsh, Yusef, Ywen, Julius, Sylvan, Crispin, Darcy, Randolf (!!!) are the ones I like the best. I'd love to see Yusef, Julius, Sylvan (or Silvan?) and Darcy. And Randolf (or maybe Randolph?).
    Ywen, Yves, Yvain, Linden, Sylvan. All amazing. I do love Yves and Yvain very much.
    Basil and Heath. Yarrow makes me itch... but that's my opinion. Basil is the best one, it's sweet and full of spunk and the herb is utterly delizioso!

    Cy Ywen is gold! Cy Quincy and Cy Basil sounds a little bit off. I think you can do better.
    Clement Yaromir: This is THE it-name. If I were a boy I'd want to have this name. Clement Yvain is decent and solid, but Yaromir wins a hundrend times.
    Caspar Ywen and Caspar Yvain both sounds amazing to my ears. Caspar Yarrow has a good sound too.
    Claes Ywen is a bit cooler I think.
    Crispin Yves is my favourite of these, but I think you've got better combos above and below.
    Cadoc Ywen if I had to choose one.
    Claude Yarrow: Claude is very quirky sexy, which I like. Claude Yarrow is amazing.
    Cody Marsh sounds like an annoying little boy detective.
    Sylvan Marsh, Sylvan Julius, Sylvan Clement, Sylvan Yaromir, Sylvan Fionn, Sylvan Caelius are all great names. Picking one (or two): Sylvan Marsh and Sylvan Caelius. Marsh looks good with just about anything, Caelius is simply stunning.
    Cyro Wythe, Cyro Raoul: Cyro Wythe is the clear winner for me. I do think Cyro Raoul is badass and sexy though.
    Cyrano Marsh is very hot, but if hubs says no you have to listen, right?
    Cypress Yaromir makes me very happy indeed. Wonderful, whimsical and strong.

    Ywen Wythe, Ywen Ernest: Wythe makes every name look amazing, but Ernest looks good with Ywen too.
    Caspar Lafcadio, Caspar Linden - Aaaah, Lafacido. Pure awesomeness.
    Crispin Wythe, Crispin Makepeace, Crispin Seafrid - Crispin Seafrid is pretty cool. I like the other two as well.
    Basil Wythe, Basil Yvain
    Felix Makepeace, Felix Zebedee, Otis Clement - Otis Clement is very handsome and dashing, I like the happiness and spunk of the Felix combos.

    Elm, Alder, Birch, Acanthus, Victor, Ishmael - please use Ishmael and Acanthus. Ishmael Acanthus would be pretty badass I think....
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Mischa, thank you for your kind and (as usual) levelheaded feedback. Of your suggestions, I do like Cuyler. I prefer Schuyler, but not sure it makes sense as a full name for Cy...
    I agree with your (and Ottilie's) Caspar combos. Caspar Ywen and Caspar Yvain are the best. Crispin... Yes I'm really loving it right now. Going to have to give it more thought. I think I like Crispin Yves, Crispin Yvain, Crispin Wythe most. Do you think Crispin Wythe could sneakily become Cy, since Wythe is so Y-heavy? hm...

    Ottilie m'dear: Thank you for all your cheer and encouragement! Yes, Cy Ywen is solidly lovely. It may outlast the others, but we'll see. Marsh is an important family name for my husband, so we may have to get it in there. I find it a little... squashy-sounding, though I like marshes and swamps in general. Clement Yaromir- I love the meaning, and the sound, but it may be too florid for my husband in the end. His taste in names is much more down-to-earth than mine. We might strike a balance by using such a minimal nickname though.

    It may be curtains for Yusef, Yaqub, Yael, Lafcadio, Caelius, Cadoc, Zebedee... Cody... I can't bring myself to part with Raoul just yet, but husband is not into it.

    Cy Ywen, Cypress Marsh, Ywen Marsh, Crispin Wythe-
    These are the names my husband likes (with some reservations) out of the whole lot! Such a curmudgeon.
    Me: "What do you mean, you don't like Randolf?! It's an important family name! It means 'shield from the wolves!'"
    DH: "Yeah. Shield from the wolves. That's what our kid's gonna need when you name him Mapplethorpe Pancakes!"
    He says, "You'd better hope we have a girl, otherwise " " (opens mouth like a fish) will be his name. We'll have a nameless boy! Makepeace? I like the sound of it, but we're not Quaker.... Claes? What's wrong with Klaus? Sylvan? Are we going to have a satyr or a son?" and so forth.

    Nevertheless, I still love Basil, Yvain, Sylvan, all these strange woodsy names. Let's keep playing! I'll start narrowing down soon.

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    Oh, you hubs sounds pretty funny. We can put him and my boyfriend in a room together and they can be sarcastic and witty together, away from us. I think Cy Ywen is wondefully striking though.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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