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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Hi, I'm Jade. I'm usually over on the baby name forum here, but I just found this one so I figured I'd join My DH and I have three children, ds Kai (7yrs), dd Evelyn (4.5yrs) and dd Iris (almost 3yrs). We are TTC #4 now, and for the first time are having some difficulty. It hasn't been long, we've only been trying since October, however this is the longest it's taken us yet, and not only that, since TTC this time around my cycles have gone from a very regular and predictable 30 days to very irregular and this month-non existent! We're very discouraged at this point. I've never had this problem. We're trying not to take it as a sign to give up, but it's been somewhat stressful. Here's our story so far:
    In October we began TTC after AF was done. It came on the 4th that month and lasted around 5 days-as was usual. I wasn't tracking ovulation or anything at that point, as we've never really needed to worry about that stuff before, pregnancy just always happened. By November 4th with no AF we were hopeful, but all tests (including a blood test) were negative. When it was a week late, I was still convinced I must have conceived as my period had never been late without being pregnant before, and this was the first month there was a significant chance of pregnancy in years. I didn't think it was coincidence. Anyway, AF came on day 39 of my cycle. I was very surprised and discouraged. It was also very heavy, and lasted just two days. Then on day 9 of my second cycle, I had some spotting for two days or so. I have never had irregular bleeding. I went to the doctor last month at that time and explained to him our situation. He sent me for bloodwork, and an ultrasound. We continued TTC as usual, and I booked both the bloodwork and ultrasound appointments. With a 38 day cycle ending on November 11th, I had no idea when AF would be due in Dec. On day 25 of this cycle I went in for my bloodwork. The pregnancy test was a BFN. And nothing else came up to be worried about. Yesterday, still with no AF this cycle it was day 39. I went for my ultrasound. No pregnancy, but no noticeable problems, either. Now we're just waiting for AF to show, and hoping next month is our month! Oh and also, I don't expect AF to come for some time now, as I ovulated twice this cycle, the second time was just yesterday or the day before!

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    Welcome Jade! That must be frustrating having weird cycles. I am similar. We started TTC in July and my last two cycles have been 41 and 42 days long. :-( I hope you are able to figure things out soon.

    I'm really curious about your statement that you ovulated twice this cycle. I didn't think that was possible. Are you charting BBT, or did you get two positive OPKs? I had positive OPKs three times in October/November, but I could tell by my temperature that I didn't actually ovulate. It's possible for your body to "gear up" to ovulate, increase the hormones, and then not actually release the egg.
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    @kaitee not sure when ill tell my family… ill prob tell some close ppl after an initial month wait and then tell everyone else after the first 3 months..

    @mrsh thats allot of change in 6 months!! I actually need to go back to Docs to get my results for Vitamin D3 (thats the sun hormone right?) Good luck in your wait.

    @maggie Im also hoping that relaxing over xmas will help my chances as well… altho now i think of it its a silly idea as xmas can be a very stressful rushed time of the year as well. esp if you need to brave the shops.. yes we can dream

    Congrats Tiffany!!

    Welcome Jade, sounds like your end of cycle is due soon, if the docs haven't found anything maybe its just a bit of stress altering the cycle??

    Update from me I'm CD19 period due around the 2nd of January, we ended up sort of trying this month but not as much as we have in the past cycles.. i was pretty sick last week - with a high temp of 39.4 so I'm hoping that hasn't had an effect.. Of course i had to calculate an estimate due date for this month and its the 13th of September… 13 and 14 is our anniversary numbers so its seems kinda nice.. as well as first month of spring.

    Good luck to everyone!

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    @kaitree just saw on the other three that your AF arrived so sorry!! that sucks

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    @jadealexandra - Welcome. Like Maggie, I'm wondering how you know you ovulated twice this cycle? I don't think that's possible.
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