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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    katie- As far as charting goes I would obviously recommend temping at the same time each day right when you wake up before you do anything. Take note of CM and AF and when you have sex. I actually made my own chart because the charts that I found online only allowed for 36 days and I have surpassed that already. Make sure you write down your temp right after you take it or there is a chance that you will forget the number. Also don't stress about it if you forget one day just draw a dotted line to your next temp. Once AF arrives, you can find your control line. Find your spiked temp and count back six days. Then make the control line .1 higher than the highest temp in those six days. The first half of the month should be below the control and the second half above. You should notice a drop a day or two before AF arrives. If your temp stays high for 18 days this normally means that you are pregnant.

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    Katie- allows you to keep a free chart on line and it does all the control lines for you! I've only been temping this month,but I put the temps in, and yesterday it drew in the cover line and indicated the day I ovulated. (Have had 4 temps over the cover line, so I'm pretty sure I did ovulate....)
    They have an app for the phone too... I put the info in right when I get up in my phone so I don't forget... They send you an email with a ton of useful info as well.

    As I said, I *think* I ovulated. Two positive opks and three higher-than-cover line-temps. Honestly, my husband and I are tired.... Lol Sooooo... TWW for me!
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    Yay for a positive OPK! After my chemical pregnancy last month, I was worried things wouldn't go back to normal immediately, so I was really happy to get a positive OPK this morning - right on cue! So, lots of BD in the next couple of days, then hopefully another positive pregnancy test

    Good luck to everyone for November
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    Starting to feel crampy so I'm guessing AF is only a day away and that I ovulated a little later than I initially thought. Tested and got BFN this AM so thinking it's the end of this round for me. Good luck to those in their TWW or heading into another round!
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    @Sarahmezz - Yay, good luck! :-)

    @Mwealth - Sorry to hear AF is on her way. Boo.

    I'm feeling totally discouraged with TTC. I'm on day 43 of my cycle and based on my temps, it looks like I ovulated 2 weeks ago, but this cycle has been so erratic that I'm not sure. I've had some cramping and back pain for a whole week, but BFNs whenever I tested. There's a little spotting today, which MIGHT be AF making her appearance. My first two cycles off the Pill weren't so bad - 32 days and 29 days - but this one has been so crazy that I can only assume this is the PCOS rearing its ugly head and that it's only going to get worse from here. :-( Sorry to be a downer. I'm hoping someone around here will have good news soon.
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