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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @roseymaam. Praying for your mom! It must be so hard to be far from her right now. Heavy AF totally wipe me out. Sending you some hugs!

    @nowkasia- here's hoping this is the quickest two ever! My husband is a cop so I hear you! I have been wondering how he and I are going to time things...

    @Vanessa- I'm not sure how to classify this bleeding. I think it was a period? It's almost stopped now, but not enough to consider it over and I'm wondering what will happen when I start the placebos on Sunday. I have had the worst migraine the last two days. Had to pull over driving home from work today. I'm dizzy all the time too. Never happened before BC. I am so glad to be getting off them. I'm considering it a period (I know BC periods aren't real periods) just for the sake of counting and figuring out when I might ovulate.
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    Still no results yet. :/ My mom says her gut feeling is that it's going to be the 3rd try (which will be next month). Idk what to think. I'm about to call and see if my test results are in yet. I mean, I had blood drawn at 8AM. It's been 7 1/2 hours! Surely they have them. This is the first time today that I've started to feel really nervous.
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    @Sarah, yay for good test results! So what's your next step? You're waiting on the results from your husband's semen analysis, and then going to try another cycle before any further testing?

    @Jessicamary, You can find PreSeed at any Target store, at CVS, or online. Apparently normal lubricants can harm sperm, but PreSeed is the only lube that mimics cervical mucus and is supposed to make it easier for the sperm to reach their destination. It's pricey--around $20 a tube--but I've used it all along because I want to hedge my bets. It comes with plastic applicators that you can use to deposit some of the PreSeed inside your vagina, but I don't always do that. It can be used externally like a normal lube, or internally, or both...whatever feels best for you.

    @Casi...I'm jittery for you!!! What a nerve-wracking wait!

    @Vec, internet research makes everything scarier! I'm glad that you've been reassured about your PCOS diagnosis and are feeling optimistic about it.

    @Vanessa, I'm sorry to hear that you're getting sick. That ALWAYS seems to happen to me during the two-week wait...what the heck?! I force myself to chug orange juice when I feel it coming on. Get some rest! I hope you can nip it in the bud and feel better soon.

    @Nowakasia, sounds to me like you covered your bases with this cycle. The day before and the day after a positive OPK is still really good! Now you and I shall sit back and enjoy our two-week wait together. I am determined to not bring up two-week-wait topics to my husband in these next two weeks; I tend to voice my fears and longings and symptoms to him all throughout the two-week wait, but the poor guy...he needs a break. I'm only about 2 DPO, so you and I can support each other through it!

    @Roseymaam, how did your mom make out with the surgery? I hope she is well. You must be so stressed today! And excuse my ignorance, but what's wrong with taking aspirin? I never take it, but I don't understand why you shouldn't take it..?

    @Dindlee, the migraines sound scary! I hope it passes soon. I've never been on birth control, but it sounds like it really does a number on a woman's body.

    As I mentioned above, I'm 2 DPO. This is my favorite part of the cycle! ^_^ The stressing and timing is behind me, the symptom-analyzing is a good week away, and all I have to do is sit back and hope.

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    @CasiLayne - I'm crossing my fingers for you. This is a nerve-wracking day!

    @Alzora and @Nowakasia - Good luck to you. The first week or so of the TWW is a good time for me too. After 12 days or so is when I start losing my mind. :-)

    @Dindlee - That's very strange about the bleeding. Hopefully finishing up the pill pack will bring some relief from your symptoms.

    I'm at 16DPO and had some spotting and light cramps. Last cycle I had only spotting and no real AF, so I'm not sure if this spotting means this cycle is over? I can't tell from my temps because of this horrible cold; my temp this morning was way higher than the usual post-ovulation temps, probably because I had a fever overnight. Yuck. If my temp is high again tomorrow, I'll test, but if it's back down, I'll figure it's the start of another cycle. I hope my body figures itself out soon, because this process is really confusing!
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    @Casi crossing my fingers for you!!

    AF hasn't fully arrived, so not sure what to think yet. Still BFN on HPT. Boobs a little sore, but that happened last time too. Should know more by tomorrow I think.

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