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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Loveday, I'm also 35 and married to my guy for 4 years after a long pre-marriage relationship (9 years). So I am especially rooting for you. And I have to say, your symptoms sound exactly like my first pregnancy symptoms from when I got pregnant in April!!! I'm excited for you!

    Alzora, I bet you're ovulating now! Good luck!

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    Aug 2013
    Sorry about AF @roseymaam. The day she shows up is never fun. Hope you're feeling better today and are able to look forward to your new cycle!

    @alzora - Good luck! It sounds to me like this is ovulation. Oh, and thank you for that link on hormones a few days ago! It's my new favorite thing haha! I'm still in the TWW- 10 DPO, and AF is due next Wednesday. I'm starting to feel pretty pessimistic. I don't feel any different than I have every past cycle. I'm 99% sure this isn't my lucky month. Or, rather, two months, since this has been a ridiculously long cycle.

    This thread has been busy! I've followed along and read every post and am wishing luck and baby dust to every single one of you!

    So, my SO and I are nearing 11 months TTC. This coming cycle will be our last before we hit the one year mark. It doesn't really seem real to me yet. When we started on this journey, I never thought we'd still be trying now. I can already tell it's going to be an emotional cycle, but maybe that's PMS kicking in. So I'm apologizing in advance for any whining and negativity I bring to this thread in the next month.
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    Hi! My name is Jessica, and I'm going to join the thread

    Personal recap...I have one daughter, who is now 4. DH and I have been TTC #2 for 6 months. I'm hoping this cycle will go better than the last 6.

    I am about a week away from getting my there's still time to be hopeful!

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    Well, I expected AF today, but now I'm not sure. My temperature is still low, but I've got a nasty cold so that messes all the temps up. I feel so exhausted and achy that I would barely notice any possible symptoms anyway. If AF doesn't show by the weekend, I may have to break out my dollar store tests, but I'm not optimistic about a BFP.

    @Vanessa - No worries about whining and negativity. That's what we're here for! Still, 10DPO is pretty early to notice symptoms. I hope you are pleasantly surprised. :-)

    @Alzora - Wow, that's confusing. It seems like you've done all you can though.

    @Loveday - That sounds quite promising. Keep us posted!

    Oh, and welcome Jessica! And good luck to everyone still in the TWW!
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    Thank you, Daisychain and Vanessa!

    @Vanessa, your period is still quite a ways away. Pregnancy symptoms wouldn't even be showing up yet. Chin up. I understand the emotional pain of the 11th cycle. My 11th was was my 12th. Now I'm on my 13th and I don't feel as distraught or high-strung, but that may change during the two-week wait which started today. Good luck to you!

    Welcome to our thread and to Nameberry, @Jessicamary! What kinds of TTC supplies have you stocked up on? Are you using PreSeed, the sperm-friendly lubricant? Have you tried any ovulation tests to help pinpoint the right days? Looks like you and @Vanessa are at the same point in your two-week wait. I hope next Thursday brings good news for both of you!

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