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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Aug 2013
    sarah- that is so weird that we both just ordered the book today. I know that I am young and still early in the process but I still want to know what is going on so that I can address the process. I don't want my pcos to get worse without being addressed!! I am sorry about another BFN but its not over til its over and there is still hope for a BFP.

    casilayne- I am so happy for you...I too am optimistic for you and your son sounds adorable. I know that fertility is a hard road but I am trying to keep my head up and move forward.

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    hey thanks for the support guys, its hard TTC and I'm glad we all have each other, altho i could confide to friends no one truly understands how hard it is unless your actually going thru it.

    @roseymaam i also had cramps a few days before my AF i believe its a symptoms and if you have anything else that goes with it its looking positive! I

    @december, roseymaam, sarah thanks for the info about tests will check them out, Im in Austalia.. I'm also an obsessive tester… lucky for me i can obsess taking my temp which is pretty much free..

    @ nessie not at all TTC isn't as fun an magical all the time and if there is anyplace to vent i think its here.

    @Alzora, if thats the case I'm looking at 15 day luteral phase- or that past month could have just been unique…. about ovulation bleeding- i have ovulation bleeding on occasion (maybe once a year) I've had all these tests for it and they didn't find a cause, their main concern tho was mid cycle bleeding can be a sign of other things.. good luck and extra cm sounds great! lol i bet you don't hear that very often…

    @sarah def get the ball rolling! esp if your in your late 20's or older, dosnt hurt to get an early start. Sorry to see your having trouble staying optimistic, all those highs and lows every month is enough to make anyone go mad.

    Welcome Vedettessoir- that sounds really promising! let us know when you test if you get your positive.. I would wait until day 30 after taking last BC pill.. i suppose it depends on your cycle length before…

    @oosoposh- I'm the same- i have a friend who is four months, and others with 1 year olds and i find it hard even going past baby clothes in stores- let alone baby showers and the like- its pretty natural to feel that way. Its good to hear your getting some answers because that will make pregnancy more likely if you know what your dealing with.

    @nowakasia good luck! I was sick last month so I've already done the research on being sick and ovulation, unless you have an extremely high fever - that is prolonged over a day then it has no effect on your fertility. Its possible being very sick will however push your ovulation back so i would extend the baby making dance for an extra couple of days.

    @ casi not sure how you can be so calm! but agree that false positives are unlikey but if there is a chance for one try and keep cool for a few more days!

    Ive been tracking my temps and after going down for my Af they have shot back up to ovulation temp- no idea what that means- could it be the fact ive been running more often?? i thought temp stayed at baseline until ovulation?? maybe charting my temp wasnt such a great idea!

    sorry if i missed anyone its hard to keep track of everyone! Looking forward to hearing some BFP's in the near future!

    thinking positive thoughts for June Bugs , if we get pregnant we won't find out till our wedding day if it worked- so that could be a very nice surprise or a bit of a bummer- I'm sure ill enjoy my day either way.

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    This morning I got a BFN. So, the BFP had to be from traces of Ovidrel in my system. I'm not out yet though. That doesn't mean I'm not pregnant. I'm glad that I KNOW that the Ovidrel is out of my system now. Now when I get that BFP again, I will know that it's the real deal
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    Hey all! I'm back from a few days out of town. There is way too much on here to respond to everything individually, but I am reading it all and you are all in my thoughts.

    I'm at 14DPO and I think I'm out for a Mayby. :-( My temperature was significantly lower this morning, so I anticipate AF tomorrow. In a way this is good, because the ambiguity of last cycle was a killer and I was fearing another late period, but of course, I'm still disappointed.

    @vec1013 - I also have PCOS and have to keep myself from reading online because I always find a million horror stories! The good thing is that you have a medical team helping you and are able to address it. I don't know that PCOS gets better or worse over time. Personally, I've found that when I'm making an effort to be healthy and exercise, my periods are more regular, but as you're already exercising and eating healthy, but it seems you are already doing it. My doctor was pretty hopeful for me; she said that if I'm not ovulating regularly, we have the option of using medication to prompt my ovaries into doing their thing, and it usually works. I hope you are able to get some answers soon.

    @CasiLayne - Sorry about today's BFN, but it is definitely good to know that any positive will be legit. Fingers crossed for you!
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    bettydogooder- I find that tracking my temp is really confusing too...I feel like it flucuates up or down daily.

    casilayne- I am sorry about the BFN but I am hoping that the BFP returns in a few days...I am still optimistic for you

    maggie- It is nice to hear from someone that has PCOS too. I have been trying not to look up online because it is just so scary out there and everyone is different. It will be that extra kick when I want to eat junk or skip a workout, I tell myself that I can't because of my PCOS.

    Well, I got a call this morning saying that the endocrinology dept had a cancellation for next I am in for next week. I am so happy and I guess God works in mysterious ways and answered my prayers to help me get answers sooner than three months from now. I go in tomorrow morning for some more blood work before my consult. Thank God for good insurance. My husband and I also made the decision to tell our families that we have been trying and that I have PCOS last night. My mom was so supportive and knows exactly how I feel. She wasn't supposed to be able to have kids and she has two. She said that if the time comes for more expensive testing that she is more than willing to chip in and help. It made me feel so much better to get it off my chest...and my mom knew that something has been up because I really haven't been myself lately. I am just so much happier than yesterday and I am not feeling as down and out...I am feeling hopeful. Thinking and talking about all of this with my mom last night, made me think that maybe I have had PCOS a lot longer than I thought. I first went in about my irregular periods when I was 16 and they tried my on hormones to start my period and they never really worked and then they put me on birth control and I had regular periods once we found the right pill. I was one that until May when I stopped taking it. So it could be that I had it before, the birth control stalled the symptoms and now they are coming back into play. Idk but just something I was thinking about.

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