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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Jan 2013
    Seems like a few of us are on the same cycle! Good luck to all in their TWW!

    I'm 9DPO. I feel terrible. Fatigued, nauseated and my legs are aching. Hmm. This is our sixth month trying and in all other months I've never had any symptoms prior to AF apart from usual PMS symptoms (um, probably because I've never been pregnant). But right now? I'm not sure what to think. I'm sure it's too early to test so I'm going to hold out for a few days. Fingers crossed, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up because every pregnancy test I've ever taken has been negative and I don't want to be disappointed again!

    UPDATE - Having chills now so wondering if it's just a badly timed virus? My husband thinks food poisoning!

    UPDATE #2 - Spotting. Or, more accurately, spot. It's going to be a long few days!

    @Betty - I got my internet cheapies from ktook76 (another Berry who lives nearby and mailed them to me). But I don't have heaps so I might have to get some more! If you hear of any good sites for ordering them, let me know!
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    Hey all. I'm headed out of town for a few days which will hopefully distract me from over-analyzing symptoms. :-) I wish all the best to those who are ovulating soon!

    @Sarah - I hope you are feeling okay. Even if those are good signs, they sure don't sound pleasant.

    @Betty - I don't know what it is like where you are, but in Canada and the US you can actually get pregnancy tests at the dollar store. Here they are usually with the maxi pads, but apparently in the US you have to ask for them at the cash. (I once read a hilarious blog post from a woman who was mortified when the cashier hollered across the store, "Hey So-and-So, do we have any PREGNANCY TESTS??!") I think you are in the UK, right? You could try the equivalent there (1£ store?) if convenient.

    @vec1013 - I am so sorry you are having all this trouble. At least your doctor seems supportive. I hope you can get some answers soon.
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    @betty, I bought some OPKs plus the pregnacy tests from here:

    Hope the link works! It was super quick delivery and the tests works fine!

    @sarah, hoping your symptoms are from a bun in the oven! And not a virus :/
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    @betty, I get my tests (both opk and pegnancy) from Amazon. I get the Wondfo, but I think next month, I'm gong to find a few digital opks as well for accuracy sake. My Dr. recommended I start testing at CD 9, so I don't want to use expensive ones the whole time, just on the days I need clarification. The wondfo come in different size packages. I think I usually get the one with 50 opks and a few pregnancy tests- as I invariably obsessively test every month.
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    @Vec, I hope you get things figured out soon! It must all be so frustrating. Kudos for being so strong and keeping your chin up!

    @Alzora, Thank you for your kind words, once again. I'm truly sorry you lost your best friend. It must have been so hard. I do know you have a strong belief in your religion, and I'm glad for that, as it must be such a comfort to you in hard times. I'm thinking of you as your enter your fertile window and hoping this is your month!

    @Maggie, @CasiLayne, & @J_Cannoy - I'm thinking of you all and wishing you luck in your TWW! Hopefully we're on the verge of some good news. (:

    @Sarah - Sounds horrible and promising! I hope you're feeling better, even if these are good signs. Hopefully this isn't a virus- that would be the worst! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. (:

    @Betty - I get my tests from the dollar store. I live in the US, though, so that may not be the most helpful information. Sorry to hear AF showed. :/

    Today I'm 5DPO, and not much to say symptom-wise, though I know it's still early. I was really hungry all day yesterday. I felt like I had the appetite of a teenage boy. I don't know what to take that as, but anything out of the ordinary counts, right? Or maybe I was just having a fat day. Who knows? Today my shoulders are really sore, but that happens a lot when my anxiety goes up, and yesterday was really tough for me, so I think that's probably what it is.
    Also, I wanted to apologize for being such a downer on here this week. It's been a very long, hard few days and I appreciate your support of my friend and her family, and also myself. Truly, you ladies are amazing, kind-hearted people. Thank you.
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