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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora - the doctors weren't sure, but it was probably an infection, as I've never had abdominal surgery before this. The pain came on about 6 months ago, and during one of my hospital stays I had enlarged lymph nodes throughout my abdomen, so it may be related to that.

    @sarahmezz - fingers crossed for a BFP!

    I'm going to see what my body does now that the post pill AF is over, and start with ovulation tests next month. I think. I keep changing my mind. Anybody on here know where I can get ovulation kits in NZ for fairly cheap?

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    @alzora. I teach high school Spanish to 135 cherubs my classes are huge this year and I am already drowning in paperwork. But I love every minute of it!

    Going to Target today to buy those prenatals you suggest, Alzora! I think I'm going to order the wondfo opks online. Can't hurt right?

    @sarahmezz... Fingers crossed for you!
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    @vanessa, I'm so sorry to hear the news about your friend. Sending positive thoughts your way.

    Welcome to the newcomers hoping your ttc journeys are short and sweet!

    Goodluck for those in the tww! It seems that this month has flown by! As my cycles are longer I feel like some of you are lapping me!

    This cycle has been a little easier for me, I'm trying not to look at the calendar and trying not to obsess... I was going to try OPKs this month again, but decided to just leave it as it takes away some of the stress for me. Despite not tracking as much, I think I am approaching ovulation just because of how my body is feeling.

    Hoping for some good news on this thread soon! Xx
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    Hey all! Just popping in to say welcome to @GIJanie and hello to everyone else.

    It seems there are a few of us in our TWWs now. Aside from myself, I count Sarahmezz, J_Cannoy, CasiLayne, and Vanessa. Looks like the end of next week could be very eventful on here. :-) @Bettydogooder, any news from you?

    @December, good luck with this ovulation. It's wise to take a breather on the obsessive tracking. I hope it worked and leaves you more relaxed for this cycle. :-)

    I'm 9DPO. I've had a bit of back pain this week, although I had that last cycle as well. (I really hope two weeks of back pain is not going to be my thing now that I'm off the Pill. That's no fun!) Yesterday I had some mild cramping, which I suppose could be implantation, but no way to know for now.
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    @Sarah, no reason to lose hope for this cycle yet! Even though you didn't babydance much, it only takes once, and sperm can live for up to five days inside your body. So there's a good chance that your fertile days were covered. I'm holding out hope for you!

    @Riversong, ugh...I hope the adhesions stay away now. You should be able to find Wondfo ovulation tests on Amazon, and they are extremely affordable. Good luck!

    @Dindlee, a Spanish teacher!! I've said countless times to my family that teaching Spanish would have been a fun career to pursue. My Penn State Spanish instructor stands out as the best teacher I've ever had in my academic career in terms of creative teaching skills. He had the entire room laughing during every single class, and often instigated confusing games like "Simon Says" in Spanish. He made teaching Spanish look like a dream job. On the TTC topic...I think you will love the Wondfo tests. Go for it!

    @December, I'm approaching ovulation too. Good luck in your fertile window! Looks like we'll be enduring the two-week wait together.

    @Maggie, maybe you will be our next BFP! Is anyone's period due before yours? Good news has to come to this thread eventually, and I hope it starts in the next few days here.

    I made an interesting observation today! You know how I always say that my body hair (legs, eyebrows) grows noticeably faster during my fertile days? For most of the month, my eyebrows stay nicely shaped and my legs stay smooth for a long time after I shave them, but during my fertile days AND for a brief period later in my two-week wait, stray eyebrows begin popping out like crazy and my legs feel prickly by nightfall if I've shaved them that morning. Today I figured it out. Testosterone! From the Hormone web page that I often refer to: "This hormone that’s traditionally associated with men is also produced in a woman’s body–although in much smaller amounts. While the amount of testosterone produced is relatively level all cycle long with a slight increase during the middle of your cycle during ovulation, the amount of testosterone your body uses actually depends on your estrogen level. The more estrogen you have, the more effects of testosterone you will feel. So, if you’re in a high estrogen week, you will feel more effects of testosterone. If you’re in a low estrogen week, you will feel fewer effects of testosterone." It dawned on me today that testosterone is the hormone that makes men hairy, and so--yuck!--that must be the cause of my hair growth spurts around ovulation! Estrogen and testosterone also rise in a woman's body for a brief few days later in the cycle around the PMS week, so that accounts for my PMS hair growth spurt. Now I feel like I should go do manly things like cook on a grill or hunt down a wild boar. Maybe I will grow a beard.

    Okay actually I am making myself sound like a hairy beast over here, and I promise you it's not that bad...just a weird little thing I've noticed about my eyebrows and legs; I am not turning into Saskatchewan.

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