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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Welcome Dindlee! Wishing you luck in the TTC process. I don't think you're crazy at all. I thought I'd want to wait (especially since marriage was a big adjustment; I quit my job, moved 4 hours away, and was living with my husband for the first time), but honestly I would have been happy to TTC a few months in.

    @Riversong - Welcome to the thread! To answer question, I just came off the pill in July and I think I've ovulated both cycles since. The first cycle was a little wonky though - I ovulated but then my period was late and so light I didn't know if it was a period. My doctor says it can take a few months for your body to get back to normal.

    @Bettydogooder - Yikes, I hope you get some answers soon. 3 days late with no BFP is so confusing!

    @Roseymaam - Welcome back. I'm nearly 33, so heading towards "advanced maternal age". I think we have a variety of ages on here. I hope the Clomid works just in time for your wedding; I know IVF is incredibly expensive.
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    Oh Vanessa, I'm so sorry to hear of the heartbreaking news for your friends family

    Welcome Dindlee, I agree with Andieta about finishing off the pack first. It's really up to you after that if you feel ready to ttc. I used a barrier method for the first month off bc just to let my body adjust back to normal cycle. If you are concerned about trying to early after the wedding you could go that way too, but it's not necessary.

    Bettydogooder, I was in the same boat as you last cycle, so I can totally relate to your frustration and uncertainty as to whats going on.

    Welcome Riversong and Roseymaam
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    @alzora - I had a diagnostic laparoscopy almost 2 weeks ago, so I was completely under. I have been having right sided abdo pain, made worse by AF, for a few months now. 4 hospital stays later, I was finally scheduled for a diagnostic laparoscopy. The top differential was endo, but turns out the adhesions were causing the pain. My uterus was adhered to my bowel, and that was adhered to my abdo wall. The pain is now gone, and my doc recommended not waiting to ttc, as the adhesions could come back, and my uterus was in a funny position, so the tubes weren't lining up with my ovaries. So, we are starting now. Because it was keyhole, my recovery has been pretty good, and I'm back at work as of today. My abdo muscles are sore, but it's definitely better than the pain pre surgery.

    Thanks everybody for the warm welcome. My current debate is whether to jump right in to tracking temp and doing ovulation kits, or just see what happens in the next couple months. I'm leaning towards just seeing what happens until after our wedding in March, and then start tracking things. Did you guys jump straight into tracking temp or ovulation kits when you were first ttc?

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    @Dindlee, YAAAY!! I'm so glad to hear that you're joining us! I can't say what would be best for you and your husband in terms of timing because each family and marriage is different, but here are my thoughts on the general topic of marriage/baby timing. I know that several different belief systems are represented on this board, and I respect all views and don't intend to sound condescending or critical in presenting my own. I believe that God intended for marriage to come first and babies to come second, and that is the only prerequisite. I don't believe that there is any unspoken waiting period for when the babies should start. Each couple has its own needs and its own pace of doing things, but the beauty of the whole thing is that the baby takes 9 months to arrive anyway, so when you follow the family structure that God set out in the Bible, you will have a MINIMUM of 9 months to solidify your marriage and let the glue dry before the first child appears. Some couples want more time than that, some couple don't want kids at all, and that's fine, but I wouldn't criticize couples for conceiving a baby right away if they are mentally and emotionally prepared for that step...but I think that those first nine months of a baby-free household are invaluable. Obviously in cases of young widows or widowers remarrying, or in cases of divorce, or in cases of rape, there may be children already in the picture. Of course I don't believe that such households and marriages are doomed to failure. But I believe that in a perfect world, if we didn't have to worry about tragedies like spouses dying or the marriage dissolving or women being victims of rape, families are designed to start with a marriage and at least nine months with no kids (okay, I recognize the possibility of premies ). Just my two cents. I see no problem with you starting TTC right away, but only you and your husband know your marital needs and priorities.

    @Andrea, refresh my this the kidney specialist that you'll be seeing next week? It will be so nice to finally get to talk to someone and hear some results! When do you expect ovulation?

    @Riversong, what caused the adhesions? Please don't feel pressured to respond if it's private. How long do pelvic adhesions take to form? To answer your question, I've never yet tracked my basal body temperature and I didn't start using Wondfo ovulation predictor tests until we had tried for eight or nine cycles. We began using Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lube, right away. Just last month I also began trying the Mucinex trick to see if it would loosen up my cervical mucus, though I suspect that my cervical mucus is already thin enough. The Wondfo tests do give me a sense of relief to know exactly when I am ovulating, and I wish I had started using them sooner. Good luck!
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    @Dindlee, I didn't notice the second question in your post about how early we all started TTC. My husband and I didn't start TTC until we had been married for a year and a half, but we had some significant issues to work through first. I had vaginismus from my accident--meaning that I physically couldn't have sex--for our first 16 months of marriage. I finally was able to work through that with some types of at-home physical therapy. But also, our first year of marriage was particularly tumultuous and we were nowhere near ready to have a child in the house. We needed that time to learn to live with each other, and I'm so glad that we've had this long honeymoon phase because he's a better man and I'm a better woman after the things we've gone through these past two years. But again, every marriage is different, and not all marriages will have the intense first year that we had!

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