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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora - I know of one little Gabriel who is 3-4 ish. But as a teacher, I have not had a single Gabriel yet and I teach a lot of kids. I personally think it's a great name, and I've had it paired with my favorite boys name as a possible middle for some time now.
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    @alzora - I know two boys named Gabriel. One is about 9 and one is 13. And since I don't have kids yet, obviously I don't really interact with that many parents, but from all my family friends/cousins/church friends etc, none of them have babies named Gabriel.

    So just a quick update from me...I've been pretty stressed out the past month and sort of stayed away from this thread. I'm just starting my fertile time for the month and doing my best to enjoy it. I hope for lots of BFPs for everyone! I'm just getting sick of all the waiting, wondering, planning...and how every month it just starts all over again. Anyway, good luck to all!
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    Thanks for all the Gabriel info! @Emily, I appreciate the tip about starting a Gabriel thread in the name section. Believe it or not, that never crossed my mind. I may do that, but I am beginning to get the vibes that, as @Rowangreeneyes said, Gabriel may be popular among very specific demographics. The hippie/alternative crowd might use it a lot, but also, I'm from a very religious area--my hometown is entirely Protestant, and the surrounding valley is nearly entirely Catholic--so maybe the name is popular around here because there are so many church-going Christians of different stripes.

    @Rachel, I'm sorry to hear that you've had a rough month. I can relate to that, and I'll be honest--pulling away from this thread for a bit really did give me a much-needed reprieve. I ADORE every single person in this thread and the undying support, but I think we all understand that need for the occasional break from all things TTC-related. That's part of why I started our Facebook group--so that I could stay in touch with my friends from here in an environment that isn't always focused on TTC. I hope this cycle is your long-awaited positive cycle!

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    Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday (or had a lovely Saturday, depending on where you live). Not much with me. I THINK I'm 3DPO. My temperature was low this morning, though I'm fairly sure that was due to the fact that my nose was stuffed so I was sleeping with my mouth open. It's happened before... Anyway, I just booked a flight to see my extended family for American Thanksgiving and realized that if I got pregnant this cycle, that would make me 14 weeks on Thanksgiving day, so perfect time to tell the family. Just something fun to hope for!

    @Alzora, I might have told you this before, but there are only two Gabriels in my acquaintance: One is about 20 years old, and one is under 5 years old. My friend's SIL might also have a Gabriel, but I am not 100% sure. I don't see it as super popular where I live.

    @Rachel - Welcome back! I totally understand the need to pull away for a while. Best of luck with your fertile window. :-)
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    @alzora nothing too interesting with school this semester. The only actual class I'm taking is pharmacology, and the rest is clinicals. Needless to say, it takes up a lot of my time during the day. I took off work this week to get into the groove of things. I've always had trouble with anxiety and school is a big stressor for me. Thankfully my boss understands this and has given me up to three weeks to get myself together at school.
    I've only ever known one Gabriel. He was in my class in high school and he went by Gabe. Other than that, I don't know any! Granted, I don't come in contact with many children these days.

    @Rachel, welcome back! Sorry to hear you had a rough month. I'm hoping this cycle is your lucky one!

    Nothing new from me. STILL no ovulation. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I won't ovulate this cycle?
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