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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Thank you for your support, everyone!

    @Casi, it's shot day? I hope it goes smoothly...or maybe it's over by now! Let us know how your appointment goes.

    @Bettydogooder, I'm sorry you got a BFN. Aren't those so hard to look at? I've only ever taken three pregnancy tests, and with each one I've thought that I could handle a negative result fairly well, but it just does something to your brain when you actually see it...always leaves me completely gutted. I hope that it was just too early for yours to detect a pregnancy.

    @Vanessa, I hope your semester goes well! Any interesting courses?

    @Sarah, ooo...let me know how you like the digital ovulation tests! I don't expect to go down that road myself (my body is pretty clear about when it ovulates), but it would be nice to not have to squint so hard at those Wondfo strips.

    @Nowakasia, ugh, I just had the same awful news on Tuesday and my heart is still hurting from the disappointment. BUT, now you and I are both in a new cycle with new hope. You will ovulate again, and I have medical help on the horizon if I don't conceive by December...things are looking good for us.

    @Daisychain, I will pray that you ovulate late. It would drive me mad to go through a cycle with zero hope, so I will pray that you don't ovulate until your husband is there.

    Cycle Day 4 is boring and stupid. It is a beautiful Pennsylvania day, the sky is a shiny shade of blue, and it is the first day with a genuine autumnal chill in the air...but I am spending it indoors doing phone interviews with local police chiefs for a newspaper article and thinking about how very far away ovulation feels. I am pathetic. My grandpa always said that I have a one-track mind. My grandpa was very perceptive, wasn't he.

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    So on to names for a minute. How many little Gabriels do you ladies know? I posted this question on the Facebook group page, and was surprised that no one knew a little Gabriel. It's pretty popular in my area--I know two young Gabriels, and my sister who works with kids knows four more. I like the name Gabriel, dang it, and so does my husband, but popularity really turns me off! I checked state popularity data to see if maybe it was just popular locally...but it looks like it's in the 20s in lots of states across the country. So it must be pretty popular nationwide? Looks like it has been popular for about a decade and still going strong. How many little Gabriels do you know?

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    @Alzora - The digitals are fantastic! No squinting required

    Also, I already replied to your question, but I know zero Gabriels. And, as a teacher, I've never come across one (and I've taught a ton of kids at many different schools ranging in age from five to eighteen).
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    ok so I don't usually post on this thread, but I read the last comment by alzora and decided to answer. I don't know exactly how old you are, but a lot of people in their early to mid to even late 20's don't necessarily know a lot of little kids. (especially in America I think. Like you, I live in Northeastern USA. ) We tend to herd people off by age. so maybe you have a friend who works in a daycare or has a few nephews and nieces, but most of my 20 something friends don't know too many little kids. That's a question better asked on Nameberry. You'll really get a response if you start a new thread. If it helps I know a few people who had babies, no Gabriel among them. I also think Gabriel was not common in our generation, so I don't know any older Gabriels.
    Just trying to be helpful.
    Good Luck!
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    @alzora, I have a cousin named Gabriel (he's about 35) and I have 2 friends with sons named Gabriel, they are 6 and 7. Maybe it's just my area, but it seems like Gabriel is very common among the hippie/alternative crowd.
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