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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Aug 2013
    @sophie - This is my first cycle using OPKs and charting. I decided to do start because I was also feeling like I had no control and was never sure exactly what was going on with my body. I figured maybe knowing precisely when I ovulate may help our chances. Even if it's only slightly, I'll take anything at this point!

    @alzora - It would be wonderful if my sister and I's due dates were close! That's what I would really love to happen, but I know the chances of that are pretty slim. Still, it would be great if the kids were a few months apart, as long as they're close in age! Also, I'm still waiting around for ovulation as well. It's frustrating, but I started school this week, so at least I have that to distract me.
    I'm very glad your mother-in-law is so supportive and your husband is so kind. It must be nice to have such a strong, helpful support group!

    @casi - Good luck at your appointment tomorrow!
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    Okay, so I caved and bought some Clear Blue digitals (OPKs). I took a test today and it's negative, but I'm thinking there's a good chance yesterday was the day. I'm not going to waste any more digis this month, but I'll keep using the dipsticks for a few more days since I have so many of them now (thanks ktook!).

    So I guess I'm probably in my TWW now...
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    well i tested a day and half early and got BFN.... obviously im still not out of the game until sunday and AF shows up but cant help feeling a bit bummed. I dont feel pregnant at all so i dont hold up much hope...Silver lining is i can enjoy hens and wedding with a few drinks as we wont be trying the month before wedding..

    i dont know why i thought itll be that easy or quick.. i guess i had it drummed in that sex=pregnancy

    also dosnt help that most ppl i know got pregnant in the first 2 months of trying...

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    AF arrived this morning so I am officially out. I knew she was coming but I have to admit to having a shred of hope, since this was a month I actually ovulated. But that's ok. This was only a 29 day cycle, which is really short for me! I love how Clomid has regulated me! I'm feeling good and eager to do Clomid this cycle and hopefully get that BFP finally!
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    Sorry about the AF, Nowaskasia!

    Sarah, I hope you caught your fertile days!

    Sorry about the BFN, Betty!

    Alzora, I'm so stoked that you'll be able to get to the doctor to see what, if anything, is up.

    I'm at CD 8, still spotting; it's been a long, slow AF. But I'm hoping that means I ovulate late this month, since Hubby's away until the night if CD 11. Sometimes I ovulate as early as CD 9, so I'm hoping the long AF, plushy the fact that I have a lingering cold (good thing I'm stocked up on Mucinex) will delay it. Was poking around online for ways to delay ovulation- B6 and 12 supposedly can- but that kind of seems like playing with fire, so I've thought the better of it.

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