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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Jun 2013
    Oh, and as several people have noted, OPKs are often very vexing. I never really get true positives on the Wondfro brand strips--only relatively closer to positive, and only if I test right around noon, which isn't convenient. If you have the resources, I might recommend springing for the expensive digital kit.

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    Hey everyone,
    I just wanted to check in with all of you. There is still no signs that AF is coming and this Saturday will be 3 months without it. I still have my appt on the
    13th and I am patiently waiting (or maybe not so patiently). I have tried to stop worrying about the entire thing and my DH and I are using the everyother day method and I am charting my temp. My temp seems to be all over the place and it is rather confusing too. This morning it dipped down quite a bit for the second time since I started charting which has been about 3 weeks. I am worried about cysts or having PCOS but I hear that you have pain with either and I have none. I am so ready for some answers. As for everyone that could end up with "maybys" good luck and I hope this is your time. Also alzora, I think you should still schedule a consult just to get an idea of what you are up against and what to plan for. Sophie...we are still in the same boat, I wish I could be in more control, since I am a planner as well, but I have tried to accept the fact that my body is going to do what it is going to do and I can't control that. Stay strong everyone and sending my prayers to everyone...BFP to come in September!!

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    Hello All,

    I hope you are all having a lovely day.

    Thank you all for the welcome to the thread! I have been catching up and and am sending love and hugs to all with BFN and AF <3

    @alzora my husband has low and slow numbers. I met with a fertility doctor last night for my first consultation after a year TTC. After that appointment I felt really positive, for the first time in awhile. (i think you should do a consultation too, just talking to him made me feel like I was doing something)He is sending me for some blood tests and the HSG and is sending my DH for another semen analysis. I go for my first blood tests in a week, I got my positive that I am ovulating today- (it is hard to be hopeful but I am trying). I have been so emotional lately too, my heart is right there with you. Congratulations on your exciting news!

    I am sending us all positive vibes for JUNE babys <3

    "no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing- the dream that you wish will come true..."

    sugar and spice and everything nice <3
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    @alzora - That is really great news! As if TTC weren't bad enough, worrying about finances along with it sucks! That's really awesome that you won't have that worry at least.

    @sarahmezz - I always do the digital OPKs. I know they're a lot more money, but the one month I used non digital, I had no idea how to decipher it. It just isn't as clear as that digital smiley face showing up!

    @vec - Stay strong! Good luck with everything! Aren't our bodies just SO confusing sometimes? ugh
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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    Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind trying to figure all this stuff out.. I am super frustrated.
    I wasn't sure if blood I had 6 days after ovulation (which OPK confirmed) was implantation bleeding or my period.. as time went on I realized there was a lot of blood so I guess it was just my period (just 9 days early for some reason)... Now I have no idea if I ovulate 6 days before my predicted period or 15 days (which is I guess the norm).. So my next ovulation day is now a very wide range and my husband is away for work and only home on weekends. I also workout a lot so each month during the 2 week wait it is really tough wondering if I should ease up on my workouts. AHHH!! I am just so tired of the anxiety and waiting and wondering and over analyzing everything from CM to stomach aches..

    Crossing my fingers for this month & trying not to think about it too much
    Good luck to you ladies.
    So very excited to be expecting our 1st Baby August 3rd Boy: Knox Girl: Avery

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