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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    casilayne Guest
    I've been pretty absent from the thread. The new job is kicking my butt!! I hate to hear about so many BFNs! September has got to be our month! We need some good news!!

    Today was a Dallas doctor appointment. Another transvaginal sonogram. Another round of Clomid started today. The sonogram revealed a big ole' cyst on my right ovary (which I suspected because of pain). I will start Ovidrel in a week. I go back to Dallas in a week for my CD12 sono.

    I've been up and down about it. I've cried quite a bit today. My husband forgot that I went to Dallas and hasn't mentioned it. He's very supportive. It's just the first game of the season tonight, so he's excited and nervous with coaching.

    A big part of me is done with TTC. This is month 16 of TTC for baby #2. We TTC for nearly 2 years for Elijah. I'm just realizing that this is not going to get easier. I don't know if I want to spend this much of our marriage TTC. We've already spent all but a few months either TTC, pregnant or bf. It's just draining. I will give it a go this cycle and next cycle (artificial insemination next cycle is I don't get a BFP this time around). Then I'm going to pursue adoption. We've pursued a bit in the past when the opportunity has come up with a couple of children. I would have adopted months ago and not even pursued this doctor if my husband was ready, but he wasn't at the time. I pray that he is this time. I'm just spent.

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    @Nowaskia thats promising that your period symptoms arnt arriving yet... altho you can also get period symptoms and be pregnant

    @alzora i dont get any period symptoms until a day or two before, usually a feeling of moisture or if its going to be a heavy one i get a tingly feeling in the lips (down there), and the most obvious sign is i get crabbier in those two days- the joys of being regards to cramps im pretty lucky in this respect as i only get cramps on day 2 of my period, i dont really feel a heaviness but i think your probably more intune with your body then i am.

    my skin is also clearing up very nicely- is that a post ovulation symptom? i thought skin was meant to look nicer just before ovulation, to you know help attract a mate or something.. ??

    in respect to my high temp i did my google research and my temp didnt reach high enough levels to even be classified as a fever (so it shouldn't effect ovulation at all), infact the rise was more in line with ovulation or post ovulation temps, i still have a slightly higher temp then at the start of my cycle so im pretty sure im in the waiting period now- which we should probably call the grabbing boobs till they are sore period or the google period. Af is due sunday the 8th September, since ive been charting my dates they have pretty much been on time.

    Im looking at picking up some good books to read during my wait to help distract- anyone have any recommendations?

    All you Americans are lucky to have a public holiday- our next one isnt until October! sigh

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    casilayne Guest
    @bettydogooder Clear skin to attract mate makes good sense. Our bodies should certainly listen to that logic. If it makes you feel any better, I'm sure I'm going to work all Monday even though my son's preschool is closed....I could have a better attitude about. I will probably eat chocolate to help that attitude along.

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    @Nowakasia, so funny--MY husband's friend from work is also having a cookout at his place tomorrow! I think we are planning to go to that, as he just lives two streets over from us. Have fun at yours!

    @Maggie, I don't know if I should call them "cramps." About a week before my period, I just start to feel my uterus in there. It starts to feel heavy or something. It doesn't hurt, but it just feels like my period is on its way...and so far, it has never failed to arrive as scheduled. :/ So since I am feeling that same sensation this week, I am pretty discouraged, but I have no idea what pregnancy feels like, so...we'll see.

    @Sophie, it will be interesting to see how your week progresses. Keep us posted!

    @Casi, I love your insights about what TTC does to a marriage. It has eaten up our whole past year. Our marriage is doing great--better than ever, in fact!--but at the same time it does feel like we are wasting time that could be spent focusing on other things. I'm afraid that I will regret not taking advantage of this honeymoon phase. I have such a hard time peeling myself away from my TTC obsession. I truly hope that this is your month so that you can move forward and have your dream fulfilled. I too still think about adoption. Just tonight I was looking up an organization called Project One Forty-Three ( which brings orphans to the States to be hosted by families for several weeks and hopefully get adopted. I confess, I emailed one of the staff ladies with a whole list of questions about the program. Hope to hear back from her on Tuesday.

    @Bettydogooder, my skin clears up during my fertile days, particularly on the MOST fertile day, and then it clears up again briefly during the luteal phase. I suspect that estrogen is the cause, because estrogen rises for ovulation, then falls, then peaks again about a week before your period is due. As for book recommendations, I like memoirs and biographies. Right now I am reading two books--Team of Rivals, which is an award-winning biography of Abraham Lincoln (if you don't live in America I don't expect you to take an interest in that...and it's huge, so I've been reading it on and off since March!), and an autobiography of George Mueller, a Christian evangelist who founded orphanages in England and cared for over 10,000 orphans in his lifetime.

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    Casilayne, I totally here you on TTC being tough and I have only been trying a fraction of your time (2 months). Seriously, I was thinking to myself "Anyone who does this for a few months is amazing!!!" So I think you are amazing!!!!

    Bettydogooder, interesting that you brought that up. I didn't get a fever, but neither DH nor I were feeling 100% around ovulation time. I didn't notice as much CM as usual, so maybe as Alzora suggested ovulation happened later then usual. That would kinda explain this patience game I am in at the moment. I totally felt pregnant this cycle and was getting the milder then period cramps for about 4 days during tww, accompanied with headaches and CM. I caved and tested on the day I usually get my period and BFN. It is two days later (sometimes AF will be this late but never later) and still no AF or sign of her and another BFN this morning. I really don't know what is going on. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    To all of you Northern Hemispherians celebrating a holiday, ENJOY

    I really do hope somebody gets a BFP soon. Here's to a string of them in Septermber
    Mumma of 3 Angel babies, Lani (my heavenly flower), Charlie (my free little one) and Brennan (my brave teardrop) xxx

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