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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Hi Berries

    Just had a quick browse through the back log of pages I have missed the last few days. I'm so sorry to all those who have had AF visit I had such high hopes for so many of you as there seemed to be so many sure signs.

    I have been trying to distract myself with other things during my tww, but have been finding that extremely hard. I have been getting some symptoms (mild cramping, cm, headache, fatigue, sore nipples, 1 hot flush) and, hard as I try not to get my hopes up too high, I am feeling hopeful. AF is due between Thursday and Saturday (2-4 days away for me in NZ). I was originally going to wait until I was overdue to test but am now trying my hardest to hold off until Saturday to test. At least then DH will be here with me and if I get a BFN I won't have to go to work with a super brave face (after my skyrocket hopes).

    To all my tww buddies? I am so hoping we get a nice string of BFPs very soon. We are well overdue for one.
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    Good luck Frangipani! It does sound promising.

    I'm losing my will to live over here at the morning of 9 DPO. Took an HPT because I'm an idiot, and of course it was a BFN. Not that that necessarily means anything at all, but the irrational part of my brain thinks I've jinxed this cycle. And now I'm starting to feel PMS-y. And have had zero pg symptoms. I'm really sad. Even though I know it could still happen, I just have a really strong feeling it won't.

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    Busy weekend for me and the internet has been down at work all morning so have only just been able to catch up on this.

    Sorry to all those who had AF turn up, she can be so mean! I've still got my fingers crossed for everyone else who is in their tww, let's hope we get some good news soon.

    As for me, still nauseous, very sore boobs (to the point that putting a bra on in the morning hurts ), constant tiredness no matter how much sleep I get and still with the weird sense of smell. I'm pretty convinced that it's just my body getting back to normal after being on the pill for so long (even if it is doing it in a horribly cruel way!), I have no idea how many dpo I am, or even the length of my cycle so it's hard to know when AF is due or anything. Hoping she'll come and go sooner rather than later so I can get this first weird cycle out of the way.
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    @Sarah, I'm eager to hear what's up with your thyroid. I guess I hope something is wrong with it...? That feels like a nasty thing to say, but I can understand your reasons for wanting that to be the problem.

    @December, I'm sorry about your disappointing news. Hopefully your next cycle will be shorter. I think using a ton of OPKs is a good idea for now, since you're unclear on your cycle.

    @Frangipani, you are a few days ahead of me in your cycle (my period is expected Monday or Tuesday), so I'm watching your symptoms with interest! Do you usually get any of those symptoms during PMS, or are they all new for you this cycle? The sore nipples sounds like a particularly hopeful sign! How are you feeling today?

    @Daisychain, disregard today's BFN. It's still so early for you! Try not to let it get you down.

    I'm 7 or 8 DPO. I am going to stick to my guns about not sharing symptoms because that only fuels my obsession. I'll just say that I have no particular reason to be hopeful, but I know it's still very early.

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    @Frangipani, Daisychain, and Alzora - Thinking of you all in the midst of the TWW. Some of those sound hopeful. I hope we get a string of BFPs on here soon.

    @Sarah - I hope you get the results soon.

    @December - Boo for AF coming. I hope you find some chocolate!

    I went to my doctor today and had a nice chat with her. She doesn't think I'm crazy for coming in, but she thinks the weird cycle is just the result of coming of the Pill. I guess even if I ovulated that doesn't mean everything is working properly. The office took some blood to test for pregnancy as well as for any other issues (thyroid, MMR immunity, etc.), so I'll hear back in a day or two for sure. So now I'm back to watching for signs of ovulation. Assuming I start from the first low temperature I had, that should be late next week or so.
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