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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    AF came last night. So disappointing. But keeping my head up and looking forward to next month!

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    BFN this morning from the lab. I was already convinced that it probably was but it still leaves me with a lot of questions. I have an appointment on September 13th to see the doctor and find out why I am having all these symptoms and no periods. I am a little disappointed but I know that we are early in the process and it will happen when it is meant to be. I have been charting my basal temp for about 2 weeks and I am really confused. It started out fine and then gradually decreased so I thought AF was on the way. Now the last 2 days it has gradually increased. Idk what is going on, I have been taking them at the same time every morning so idk. I am so confused. I also took a opk test yesterday and the line wasn't quite as dark as the control line, but maybe I am close to ovulation. I am ready for some answers but I am trying to stay positive and have fun with the process.

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    @Alzora - No, my husband thinks the tests are probably correct, but he saw that I was stressed out so he was extra nice to me. He's a keeper!

    @Nowaskia and @December - Thinking of you! Hope this is THE cycle for both of you.

    My temperature is low today and was low on Saturday, so I'm really doubtful that I could be pregnant. I'm actually wondering whether my cycle ended last week (the day I had that low temperature) and the light spotting was my period. I'm wondering whether going off the Pill can cause really light periods. Has anyone heard of that? That would kind of be good news, because it would mean I'm already 5 days into my cycle. I guess it would be bad news too as it would be hard for an egg to implant if the lining is so thin, but hopefully that will resolve in a month or two. Either way, I'll go to my doctor tomorrow to get a blood test to be sure and to talk this through.
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    @maggie, I hope your dr's apt brings some concrete answers for you tomorrow! If your church is anything like mine, the worship is so loud that not many would notice bawling. I hope that anyone who did was compassionate, helpful and supportive.

    @alzora, sending baby to grandma's house is a great idea... if only she lived a little closer -she's 2.5 hours away, so it's not too far, but we can't be spontaneous about going to visit. Plus, right now, dropping him off for an overnight visit would be traumatic for grandma, grandpa and baby. So far, I'm the only one who has ever put him to sleep. I really need to get working on that so he's not traumatized if I'm not available... it's just so much easier to go with what works! Hang in there wrt your symptoms. courage!

    @daisychain, I'm glad you went for a bike ride. I haven't read the research, but I'm sure a 10km bike ride won't hinder your chances if you are used to biking that far. Plus, the bright outdoors is great for the morale!

    @december, thanks for the well wishes! I hope things are faster this time than last. Last night DH said that if we haven't had a 2nd baby by the time I'm 40 (in 2.5 years), we should start the process for adoption. It took 2.5 years for baby #1 to show up. Well... at least it's a workable plan with Hope built in rather than just trying to be content with one child.

    @sarah, there are so many little things that affect ttc. I hope you get happy news soon.

    @j_connoy, next month will be here before you know it. Have some chocolate ... that always cheers me up when AF is around, although at that time of the month I am likely to eat a whole box of chocolate cookies instead of a reasonable portion. I hope September is YOUR month.

    @vec1013, I guess you need some chocolate too. I've never tracked my temperature so I can't help you decipher your symptoms. I hope the doctor will be able to make sense of it all for you.
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    @J_Cannoy and Vec, a double disappointment this morning! I'm sorry to hear your sad news.

    @Maggie, are in my thoughts. Tomorrow should FINALLY bring you some answers!

    @Lilysong, I totally understand not wanting to send your little one so far away. I hope you find ways to sneak in some babymaking time regardless! Good luck.

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