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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora - Getting blood work done on Thursday. I don't keep track of my basal temperature. I don't know.... I don't think I need another thing to obsess over and keep track of.... But maybe one day I'll start??? I don't know. Do you do it?

    @sarah - Is the testing for the thyroid being done as a precaution or do they have reason to think something might be up? Hope it's nothing!
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    Ugh, Sarah, I hope for your sake you aren't going to be my thyroid problem buddy!

    @alzora, I ended up doing the ride. But I took it easy and it wasn't too strenuous. But super fun! Hope I didn't mess up my chances, what with the bike riding and the full-sized carrots

    No symptoms for me here at the end of CD 7. I mean, I can imagine plenty, but if I'm honest, nothing real. Alzora, I'm happy to be your TWW buddy! Stay strong.

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    The thyroid testing is just pre-emptive. I've been having issues with depression and my doctor is ruling out other causes. But my mother has a thyroid problem (Grave's Disease), so it's a possibility I might, too. I'll find out in a couple of days.
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    Hi lovely ladies!

    @sarah, goodluck with the docs, when do you get your results back? Hoping you get some answers,
    @andie, argh, I'm in the same hormonal boat :/ massive breakouts on my neck (I like to call it neacne).
    @maggie, chin up love! Hopefully the doctors appointment will give you some answers, or better yet, you get your BFP
    @j_cannoy, how are you travelling? I'm hoping for a BFP for you!
    @lilysong, goodluck on your second cycle, hoping your ttc journey is short but sweet!
    @nowakasia, I'm really hoping and praying and crossing my fingers and toes for you right now!
    @alzora, take it easy and try to treat yourself to something you enjoy during your tww! You deserve it!
    And goodluck to everyone who is in their 2ww! And for those of us who are still stuck in 2ww limbo :0

    No news from me, just hanging out, waiting for AF to arrive, overdue as usual. I think irregular is the norm for my cycles now....I tested this morning and got a BFN. I'm at the stage where I can't even imagine ever seeing two lines on those tests!
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    @Sarah, I hope your thyroid is found to be healthy! Wishing you luck.

    @Maggie, is your husband convinced that you are pregnant? I'm really eager to see what tomorrow brings for you!

    @Nowakasia, I don't track my basal body temperature, because I feel the same way you do about it. It seems like an extra chore to stress over. But it would possibly put your mind at ease sooner than your blood test would--the sharp change in temperature after ovulation would be your sign that it had worked. But you will get your answer soon enough...I'm betting that you did ovulate this cycle.

    @Daisychain, this is a disaster...a relaxing bike ride AND fully-grown vegetables...well I'm praying for your miracle baby anyway. :P In all seriousness, I hope your week ends with happy news.

    @December, how overdue is your period? That's the best sign you could ask for! Crossing my fingers for you.

    Today I'm 6 or 7 DPO, and my uterus definitely feels heavy as it usually does at this point in my cycle. BUT, I read some ever-accurate online articles about the monthly uterus cycle and have put my mind at ease about it. Me and my obsessions. I still feel pessimistic about this cycle and depressed about ever getting pregnant, but I also know in my head that I'm not out of the game yet, so I'm trying to keep my chin up. I'm sorry I get so whiny and gloomy on here during my two-week wait! I'm going to try to not talk about symptoms anymore and just sit back and watch for my period. Think I can get through a week without bringing it up? We shall see.
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