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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Andrea, dude, implantation bleeding was the very first thing that popped into my mind!

    @Frances et al, thank you all so much for checking in on me and wishing me well. I've been a moody wreck today. I am only 5 or 6 DPO, and I've sobbed about three times today because I woke up feeling very not pregnant. I know it's stupid. I know symptoms wouldn't show up yet. I know all of that. But my period is due in a little over a week, and I can just "feel" my uterus or whatever like I always do around this time. Like...not cramps. It just feels heavy. It happens every damn month, and when I felt that this morning I was like, "Yep, tomorrow my cramps will start." And so I cried. Three times.

    Okay no time to respond to anyone else right now because I have frozen pizza in the oven and it's going to burn. I'll try to get back on later tonight to continue!

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    Alzora, thank you for the hope! I just thought implantation bleeding would start closer to 7 DPO and I started with slight discoloured CM by 4 DPO and spotting on 5 DPO. But I won't give up yet. Just like you shouldn't give up yet! You wouldn't be feeling symptoms this early, and pregnancy can seem very much like your period is coming! I am still praying for you.

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    @J_cannoy, any sign of your period today? How are you feeling?

    @Nowakasia, what day is your blood test? Do you track your basal body temperature? I hope things worked out this month!

    @Maggie, your situation is baffling me. I can't imagine what it is doing to your nerves, you poor thing! Any changes in your symptoms?

    @Lilysong, maybe it's time for your eleven-month-old to go spend a few days at Grandma's. I hope you can sneak in some babymaking this cycle!

    @Daisychain, are you analyzing symptoms yet? I'm only a day or two behind you! Wishing you luck. Maybe a leisurely stroll can replace your bike riding for now?

    @Frances, thank you again for popping in to check up on me. My husband and I haven't really talked about adoption lately because we've both been incredibly hopeful for this cycle...but my hope faded today because I feel PMS-y. September was our pregnant-or-adopt month, but now that it's here I feel like it's too soon to start adoption because we haven't even seen a fertility specialist yet. So I don't know...we have yet to have the discussion of how to move forward if my period starts next week. :/ I don't have the money yet to do the test that I need, but maybe we could at least do a consultation with a fertility specialist to get the ball rolling. I still think about adoption a lot, but I don't want to stop TTC until we get some tests done I think. I'll ask my husband where he stands on the whole thing, but for now we're still waiting to see if we had any luck this cycle.

    @Casi, sounds like it's not over yet for you! Eager to hear how this plays out.

    @Andrea, I am hormonal too...does that mean we are both out? I'm sorry to hear about your confusing spotting. The thought of 10+ irregular months must be nerve-wracking, but don't lose hope. Wait and see what happens this cycle, and, worst case scenario, your gynecologist will be able to shed some light on the situation in October...but hopefully by then you will be preggo. Praying for you!

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    @Andie - I may be wrong, but I'm under the impression that implantation doesn't occur until 6DPO at the earliest, so if you're spotting on 4/5DPO, that's probably too early. I'd be asking my doctor because I don't know why anyone should be spotting at that point in their cycle. Is that usual for you?

    As for me, I went to the doctor today (again) and now I'm getting bloodwork done as testing for a possible thyroid condition.
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    @Alzora - Yep, it's pretty baffling. My husband has been super-sweet tonight, but I'm frustrated. As to symptoms, I've had a few moments of nausea, as well as fatigue, though I've also been sleeping pretty badly lately. I'm holding up okay other than a bout of bawling-through-the-worship-music today at church service. :-)

    @Andrea - Thanks, I'll have to pick up my copy of TCOYF and look up those pages again. There are certainly a number of people online who report not getting a BFP until over a week past their period's due date, so I'm not totally holding out hope. I should be able to see my doctor on Tuesday, so tomorrow I think I'll get another HPT to test on Tuesday morning. If it's negative, I can see my doctor to figure out what's up, and if it's positive, I'll want to see my doctor anyway to confirm.
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