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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Hi Alzora,
    Just popping in to say hello. I've been keeping my eye on the calendar and thinking of you as September approaches. I was just wondering what you decided to do...
    Whatever you decide(d), I'm wishing you the best! Please keep us updated. I know so many of us are pulling for you.
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    casilayne Guest
    @Alzora No one else has been sick. The symptoms were still definitely there. This morning I upped my essential oils that I take for hormone imbalance to hopefully get things back where they go. There is a stomach virus going around, but I have been nauseous for over a week...I threw up a few days ago, and that's it. The rest has been a nagging nausea.

    Here's something weird. I have NO signs of AF showing up. No spotting since yesterday morning (I spotted every day for 3 days but only in the morning and not enough to wear anything). I have no cramps. I'm EXHAUSTED, but I am working a lot right now. I still have that freaking annoying pennies taste. Something is definitely off hormone-wise. It's just frustrating

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    Maggie, that is so odd about your BFNs and long LP. I think you have a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility so you might have already seen this. I was just going through it this evening, and you might find the section in Appendix A about 18 or more high temperatures helpful (page 326 in the revised edition). In case it's not handy, this is an excerpt:
    "If you have 18 or more consecutive high temperatures above the coverline (drawn 1/10 of a degree above the highest of the six last days before the thermal shift) with no sign of a period, it is almost always an indication of pregnancy."
    "Another possible reason for 18 high temperatures is an ovarian cyst, either from LUFS [Luteinized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome - even if you have all the classic signs of ovulation, it is possible you may not actually be releasing an egg] or a corpus luteum cyst [I wonder if it could be a cyst from PCOS too??]. In both cases the corpus luteum may continue to live beyond the normal 12 to 16 days - even when the woman isn't pregnant. If this should happen, the temperature would continue to remain high due to the progesterone that is still being emitted from the persistent corpus luteum. Of course, if the progesterone doesn't drop, the uterine lining is not shed during menstruation... A pregnancy test combined with a manual exam and ultrasound of the uterus may be warranted to rule out an ovarian cyst. If it turns out that you do have one, the good news is that they usually dissipate on their own."

    I hope your doctor is able to help you out this week!

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    Nowakasia, hope you ovulate this week! Good luck!

    Casi, I'm sorry about your BFN and all the hormonal troubles. I think you should take a HPT tomorrow just in case. And I'm so glad your doctor is so hopeful and helpful!

    Sorry for all the BFNs and odd cycles for everyone lately.

    As for me, I am hormonal. I have broken out more this week than I have in many years. I started lightly spotting yesterday and had a little bit of red flow today - I don't consider it menstrual flow though, that probably is still a few days away. But I'm only 6 DPO today. Boo. I am so frustrated by this whole getting back to normal post-pill thing. I found my calendar where I kept track of my periods when I had gone off the pill in 2008/2009 - the 10 months I tracked bleeding/ spotting (not temperature), I noticed that I seemed to have some form of spotting or bleeding every two weeks for several/ many days and still hadn't got better before I went back on the pill. If it takes me 10+ months to get back to normal... Well at least I went off the pill earlier than we had initially planned...

    I'm also a little worried that the bleeding is a sign of something worse. I see a kidney specialist in a few weeks and a gynecologist in October.

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    Oh, and I doubt it is implantation bleeding, but I won't give up until I have true menstrual flow.

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