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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora, daisychain and maggiefromcanada Thank you, ladies all so very much.

    @vec1013 I don't think so. It was quantitative. There was 0 HCG in my system. It's okay. I'll start another round on Monday. I'll go to Dallas on Wednesday (probably) to check my cycle and will start Clomid and Ovidrel soon after.

    @sophie :/ I'm sorry for another bfn. I remember (vaguely...this was nearly 5 years ago), my body being dreadfully cruel with hormone symptoms coming off of the pill. But that doesn't mean that it can't be a BFP by the end of the cycle. I sure am hoping for you <3

    I'm supposed to start tomorrow. I wish it would just hurry up so that I can move on to a new cycle and a new round of treatments! Let's get this thing going!
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    @casilayne - I'm sorry! Rooting for you all the way with this next cycle!

    @alzora - First of all, huge hug! It really does get so sad being around babies when you've been TTC for a while. I was at a two year old's birthday yesterday and held her delicious, pudgy 5 month old brother. It was very bittersweet...

    I did get my solid smiley today. I Googled the phenomenon of many blinking ones and I guess it's fairly common as evidenced by my search. We'll BD later today, but unfortunately won't be able to tomorrow because my husband works until Monday morning. Who even knows if I'm ovulating though??? :/
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    BFN for me. AF is due today and I'm feeling a bit crampy. Kinda putting off telling the boy, I know he'll be as disappointed as me. I hate that it seems so hard for those of us trying to conceive while those not trying or not wanting kids pop them out left and right. So I guess it's just on to month four for us. Hoping things turn out better for everyone else and so sorry for those of us who have disappointing news.

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    hi everyone, thanks for the concern about my weird AF - in the end, after an strange start, she decided to unleash her full witchiness which left no doubt as to what was going on. i still took a few wondfo hpt's just to be sure as, ironically, i suddenly felt all these weird pregnancy symptoms as well: head rushes, heart palpitations, nausea, food aversions, sudden shooting pain in breasts....i think it was just a weird AF for me, my body doing some adjusting or something - maybe from the acupuncture - or maybe the blue moon?
    its very possible that this last full moon is partially responsible for the late or unusual periods some of us have been experiencing. do not underestimate the moon! she is a powerful thing. two of my best friends are doctors and always talk at length about the effect of the moon on peoples health (both mental and physical) - they would describe ER shifts during a full moon as total chaos every time!
    anyways, feeling sad and frustrated. i wish i had some optimism going on about this next cycle but i just feel like: here we go again with more of the same. sigh.

    @nowakasia - sorry that your having conflicting opk's. i HATE that. i have a similar situation and its very frustrating to feel uncertain about your ovulation on top of all the uncertainty of getting pregnant - i hope it becomes easier on your next cycle!

    @daisychain - i hear ya with the internet searches. i need to tone that down big time on my next 2ww as this last cycle was a bit much. i discovered that site "twoweekwait" and all the BFP success story descriptions...oooh boy, that was about 5 hours of my life i'll never get back haha! i hope you 2ww speeds by and with a happy outcome!

    @casilayne: i'm so sorry about your BFN, and the confounding symptoms along with it. it sounded like a bit of an exhausting experience - you are very strong and calm and i love your outlook and "we have a plan" - that is the perfect attitude and it so true!

    @sophie_1989: your after-pill symptoms sound frustrating and conflicting, sorry that you have your BFN but if AF isn't due for about a week you are by no means out. how many DPO are you?

    @alzora: sending big hugs to you. what a journey we are all on - so delicate and emotional. as people often say on this thread: be gentle with yourself. and how wonderful to have a man who understands and who's arms you can curl up and cry in - he sounds like a great guy.

    @maggiefromcanada: thinking of you and sending huge BFP vibes your way! keep us posted!

    @j_cannoy: its not over till AF my friend! though i know what you mean about just feeling "out". keep us posted. i also know what you mean about people popping out kids left and right - i feel like i'm in the middle of a baby hurricane right now!

    sorry if i've missed anyone - busy day of work here. sending good thoughts out to all!

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    @Daisychain, Maggie, Nowakasia, and Loveday: You have no idea what an encouragement your words are to me. I know I've been pretty gloomy this cycle, but your support is touching and cheers me up. Thank you!

    @Sophie, I suspect you're jumping the gun. Disregard those BFNs since your period is still a week away. If you are pregnant, it is probably a bit too early to have symptoms of it, so your illness likely has other causes. But you still could have conceived, which would mean that more symptoms are coming. Call your doctor though! You've been having some pretty intense sickness and should definitely run it by your healthcare provider.

    @Maggie, gaahhh I don't know about everyone else but I am going crazy waiting for your BFP! I completely understand your reasons for putting it off one more day though. But I am anxious to hear your news tomorrow!

    @Casi, do you still feel ill or have your symptoms passed? Was anyone else in your family sick? I love to hear that you're looking forward. I totally understand being eager for your period to just start so you can get your next cycle under way. This one will probably be it for you! I'll be praying for that.

    @Nowakasia, it sounds to me like you're ovulating! Have you ever gotten a solid smiley before? Try not to stress about not being able to have sex tomorrow. (Hah! Look at me telling you not to stress....) Some people only have sex every other day during their fertile window anyway, and it only takes once!

    @J_cannoy, I'm sorry about the BFN. Did your period show up today? It's always such a blow.

    @Loveday, it sucks that your period came too. I'm sorry for your disappointment! And seriously, I'm totally with you on the moon thing. If the full moon can have such a powerful effect on the ocean tides, what can it be doing to our bodies that consist of so much water? My husband works with troubled kids, and in the past has worked in autism and with mentally impaired adults, and he can say without a doubt that there IS a full moon effect! I hadn't thought of what it could be doing to our cycles, but might explain all of the weirdness for everyone this month. I supposedly ovulated on Tuesday but now I'm wondering if the moon tampered with that.

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