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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Aug 2013
    @casilayne- do u think u could still be pregnant? I have read all kinds of posts of people having negative blood tests and then still being pregnant!! And thanks for the prayers I have to wait til Monday for results!!

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    @Maggie, I'm so excited that your temperature is back up! What a hopeful sign! I hope the weekend flies by for you.

    @Vec, when will you hear the results of your blood test? Wishing you luck!

    @Sophie, I'm eager to see what tomorrow's test reveals. What an aggravating wait this has been for so many of you ladies!

    @Nowakasia, a third blinking smiley really all that uncommon? I would be Googling that like crazy. Are you having cervical mucus or any other signs of ovulation? Eager to hear what tomorrow brings for you!

    @Daisychain, 8 DPO seems SUPER early...but I hope yours comes up positive that soon! It would be wonderful to cut the two-week wait so short with such happy news.

    @Casilda, I'm sorry, but refresh my memory...what will be the purpose of your OB-GYN appointment? I'm drawing a complete blank on your story! I tried to find your previous post but am having trouble. I remember YOU but I am mixing up your story with everyone else's in my head! echo my Facebook message to you...I am so incredibly sorry for this huge blow. I truly hope that this is the last disappointment you'll face in your TTC journey. I love that your doctor is sympathetic, determined, and optimistic. Keep looking forward and fighting for that baby. <3

    So I just spent two nights at my family's house because my husband was away, and it was awesome because all three of my sisters were home and I love them all so much...but my nineteen-year-old sister has a five-month-old baby (whom I also love dearly), and it was just hard. It was a lot of baby. I couldn't get away from it--all the baby clothes and baby toys and baby pictures and talk about babies babies babies. It was emotionally draining, and when my husband and I finally reunited at our own home this afternoon, I curled up in his arms and sobbed.

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    BFN again this morning, think I will just have to accept that these symptoms are just my body's way of getting back to normal after coming off the pill.
    AF is due in about a week if my cycle is regular, is she doesn't show then I will go see my doctor.
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    So many confusing sign and disappointments this round! I'm feeling for everyone, especially Sophie and casilayne.

    @loveday, did this ever resolve as really AF or not?

    @alzora, hanging out with your sister and her baby sounds incredibly rough. You're a strong woman for waiting until after you left to sob! I just want to say that we're all really rooting for you. Your preserverence and kindness and awesomeness have shone through this forum since you founded it. I can tell you're going to be a wonderful mom!

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    Still no AF and the spotting from the past two days has eased up. I thought about testing this morning (Saturday), but I'm hosting a baby shower for my BFF today, so I was worried that if it were another BFN I'd be moody, and if it were a BFP I'd find it difficult not to blurt it out to my BFF, another close friend, and my mom, and this day is supposed to be all about the mom-to-be. So I'll wait 'til tomorrow to test again if AF doesn't show.

    @Casilayne - I'm so sad about this. I hope this is your absolute LAST TTC disappointment and that next cycle is THE cycle.

    @Alzora - That sounds so difficult. I don't have the words, but am sending you virtual hugs.

    @Sophie - Boo, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope your body gets adjusted quickly with no more confusing signs.

    Now off to bake two kinds of cupcakes and clean my house for this shower. I dreamed last night that we had the party and afterwards realized we never gave her the presents. There was a wacky baby name in the dream, but I can't remember - Forgetting an unusual name must be a name nerd's worst nightmare!
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