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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Jan 2013
    @Casilayne - I woke up thinking about you and your test. I hope that doesn't sound creepy. :-) Really hoping it's good news!

    @Sophie - That sounds promising! Keep us posted.

    @Loveday - So confusing! Let's hope it was just spotting and not AF, and that you have a BFP coming soon.

    @December - I hope AF stays away.

    @Alzora - Thanks for all your support! It was both hard and happy to get the email from my SIL. They have a fantastic son whom I love to pieces, so I'm happy. Plus (totally selfish) the more kids they have, the more often my dad and step-mom come up to visit us. I just wish I could have gotten the email on a different day. At least it wasn't in person so I had time to process and respond.

    My temperature is actually back up today, higher than it's been in a few days. Yesterday I did wake up earlier than usual and was jolted awake rather than waking up on my own. Perhaps that makes a difference. AF still hasn't showed and I'm 20DPO. I've decided to try to make a doctor's appointment for Monday and test again on Sunday. If AF shows, then I still kind of want to talk to my doctor about this weird cycle and ask if it's normal.

    Oh, and @Sarahmezz - wishing you a fabulous anniversary weekend! :-)
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    Took the test this morning and still a BFN. I will be calling the doctor this afternoon to make an appointment. I have this strange feeling like I am going to get my period but I still really want to talk to the doctor about all of this and find out if I am ovulating without AF or if I'm not ovulating at all. I have been tracking my temp this week and it has gradually decreased over the course, and I remember reading that when it goes down that AF is on its way. So idk but just ready for some answers.

    @casilayne- good luck today...ready for some good news

    @sophie- I'm sorry that you are feeling so sick but it does sound very promising!!

    @december- I know how your feeling as I tested this morning too...try to stay positive

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    Aug 2013
    December, Alzora, Maggie, Vec1013 - I plan on doing another test tomorrow morning and if that's negative and I'm still feeling like this next week I'll make an appointment with my doctor. I'd like to know whether this is all just due to coming off the pill or if I'm actually pregnant.

    Maggie & Vec - I hope the doctor can give you both some answers.

    December - it's not over til AF!
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    @alzora and everyone else - Today was my third straight day of a blinking smiley face on the OPK. According to the box, you get two days like that and then two days of a solid smiley. I've never gotten more than 1-2 days of a blinking one so I don't know what's up.... :/ Maybe I should have just gotten the blank or solid one, none of this blinking nonsense.....

    @casilayne - Good luck girl!
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    In a fit of impatient TWWing, I just did a search on the Community Galleries of Fertility Friend to figure out the absolute earliest DPO that anyone's gotten their first positive. I lost my patience after sorting through a few pages, but saw a few people with positives at 8 DPO-- none earlier. Most early positives- which Fertility Friend defines as fewer than 12 DPO are at 11. Anyway, just giving myself license to test in 3 days! I have to try to catch any pregnancy super early anyway because I have to go see my endo and hematologist ASAP once preggo. So that's a good excuse for me to be very impatient, right?

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