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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @sarah - With all of our TTC struggles, I sometimes wonder how anyone gets pregnant at all! But my sister conceived her second month trying, my SIL conceived 3 kids in 4 years with only one fallopian tube and my husband's co-worker's wife just accidentally got pregnant with her third kid while still breast feeding her 5 month old!
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    Really struggling today, couldn't keep my breakfast down and unfortunately our office is very small and has an open plan kitchen within it, one of my colleagues has just toasted some hot cross buns, that normally smell amazing but today have made me run for the toilet :s
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    @sarahmezz my cousin got pregnant on the 2nd month of trying. Now she's an expert I think up to a year is expected, but it certainly doesn't make it easier.

    @nowakasia That's the truth!

    @sophie_1989 I'm sorry
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    @sophie, have you taken another test with fmu? Or perhaps go to the doc if its still happening?
    @casi, goodluck for the test tomorrow I am hoping and praying for you!
    @loveday, I'm sorry to hear that AF decided to show up and then disappear! How frustrating :/ will you test again in a few days if AF stays away?
    @maggie, how are you travelling? It must have been hard to receive that email from your SIL, I can imagine it would be sad and happy all at once!

    I tested this my morning and bfn. I don't know why I do it to myself I expect AF tomorrow or the next day...
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    @Vec, what's the verdict?? I know you were planning to test today!

    @Nowakasia, have you gotten that solid smiley on the ovulation test yet? I'm so happy that this cycle is showing some different, more positive signs for you! Sounds to me like you're going to ovulate!

    @Sophie, I've read that other pregnant women got "veiny" boobs. All signs still sound positive! I do recommend calling your doctor very soon if you still aren't getting positive pregnancy tests.

    @Maggie, what was the temp like this morning? Any sign of your period? Yesterday sounds like such a devastating morning for you, but I am still hopeful that the temperature thing was a fluke.

    @Loveday, you said yesterday that your period had basically stopped. Has it picked up yet, or is it still gone or light? I totally understand grasping at straws. When my period comes each month, my husband always continues to believe that I am pregnant until it gets very heavy. I love his enthusiasm, I love his hope...but it kind of drags out the heartache. But truthfully I am always thinking the same thing anyway even if he doesn't say it aloud. If your period has stopped, though, maybe something is up!

    @Vanessa, your fertile window is right around the corner! Hang in there!

    @Daisychain and everyone else, Nameberry does support photos, so if anyone wants to share pictures of their pee sticks for opinions, you can use this to do so: - free image hosting / image upload.

    @Casilayne, today is the big day! I'm so eager to hear, and hoping it is the best news ever!

    @Sarah, it is reassuring to know that most of the women in your sister-in-law's group took about a year to conceive. September marks one year for me. Does she think it's too early for you to start pursuing infertility screening?

    @December, I'm sorry about the BFN this morning. I will remain hopeful for you, but you seem confident that your period is coming, which is a feeling I know all too well. :/ But if it does come, it's Day One of your next cycle!

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