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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @sophie- I know isn't it crazy to just be oh yea you're pregnant!! I hope they are right though!!

    @alzora- All of my symptoms are pretty much the same, the one thing that I have been noticing this week is a really weird taste in my mouth. It is constant. It is even there right after I brush my teeth. I have tried gum, mints, lots of water and I can't seem to shake it. I have heard about having a metal taste can be a sign of early pregnancy, but idk.

    Still plan to test first thing tomorrow morning and if negative I will be calling the doctor. I am feeling rather anxious and nervous but trying to stay positive and not think about it.

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    WOW! It seems like unless I check here several times a day, I'll miss pages and pages! Moving fast!

    @sarahmezz - Sorry it didn't work out again this month. I like your plan to get pregnant this next cycle!
    @loveday - I feel ya on the frustration. Your cycles regularizing themselves is a good sign and definitely a step in the right direction of getting pregnant. I'd say it's a decent silver lining... Hang in there!

    Update: I'm using the Clearblue OPK with the three levels - blank circle for non fertile days, blinking smiley for fertile and solid smiley for peak fertility. After a blank on Tuesday, I got a blinking face yesterday and today. I didn't expect to see any kind of smiley face until this weekend based on the last couple months, so I'm a little hopeful that maybe this time I will actually ovulate. Hoping to get a solid smiley tomorrow or the next day. Any difference in my usual pattern and I get excited. Kinda pathetic right?
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    @lineska yeah our first unprotected sex was the 4th. I've spent so many years trying not to get pregnant that all these cycle dates and pregnancy weeks confuse me :s

    @vec1031 I wish I could have his optimism but he hasn't read all the stats about how relatively hard it is to fall pregnant.

    @alzora only change today (on top of other ongoing symptoms) is I've noticed my boobs look a lot more 'veiny' than they ever have done. I'm so anxious that I'm just grasping at all these little signs and making 2+2=5

    @loveday so sorry that AF turned up, damn her!
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    @Alzora - A temperature drop is supposed to mean that AF is coming, potentially that day or maybe the next. But this is my first time charting, so I don't know how long it typically takes between temperature dropping and AF. Also it's possible that one isolated temperature is an anomaly, like if I was sleeping with my mouth open or something. So it LOOKS like AF is coming, but it still hasn't started. I'm holding up okay. I woke up to the temperature drop and an email saying my SIL is pregnant with baby#2, which is fantastic, but kind of hit me hard after such a hopeful week. I was a bit weepy all morning, but I'm okay now.

    @nowaskia - I'm really hoping you get the smiley face tomorrow or the next day!

    @loveday - Boo, sorry to hear AF came. Hope this cycle is the golden one!
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    ok, so i'm going a little crazy over here and need some advice. please don't judge me too harshly as i'm likely just suffering from menstrual insanity but....well, as mentioned, AF come this morning ...but its just different than usual and has basically stopped and now i'm tripping out wondering if its really AF. took a first response test this morning just to be sure and it was neg. looked at it again just now (4 hours later) and think i see a very very faint line? so the question is: what is the deal with the evaporation lines? hoping someone can shed some more light on those for me. as i said: i'm probably just going insane up here and having a hard time accepting my bfn, but my AF is never like this and i've heard so many stories lately of women who spotted then got a bfp (spotted enough to think it was an actual period). help?

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