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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Jul 2013
    We have been TTC since March and this is my second month using an ovulation predictor kit. The first month I never got a positive and was really thrown off by it and felt like I missed the ovulation window because I was waiting for it to show positive. Any way.. we just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary yesterday and even though I got a negative on the OPK I told my husband I felt like it was time (based on lots of calculations and CM) my husband was away for work but made a trip home Today I got a positive on the OPK which is great and very reassuring!!! I have been taking the tests at around 11 AM instead of first thing in the morning which seemed to work better. My hubby will be home again tonight, I am glad he has been able to come home and make this work, the thought of waiting another month or two to even try was really rough. I like the idea of getting pregnant on our anniversary and a May baby would be great!... Crossing my fingers.
    So very excited to be expecting our 1st Baby August 3rd Boy: Knox Girl: Avery

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    Wow, this thread is really moving fast! It's hard to keep up.
    Thanks @alzora for the kind words, and sorry you're feeling so discouraged. You are an incredibly strong and kind woman, and I'm confident that things will happen for you. We're always here for you to lean on, sweetie. I'll be sending happy thoughts and baby dust your way. <3

    Good luck to all the ladies still in the TWW! Keep us posted!

    As for me, there's still no news. No sign of impending ovulation as of now. This wait is driving me up the wall!
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    well after some very light spotting yesterday aft/evening (fairly unusual for me), AF showed up this morning along with raging cramps. feeling pretty bummed out about it, as well as useless from bloating and cramps. not only is the witch here but it seems she's decided to be extra witchy this month - awesome. so that's 5 (ish) unsuccessful cycles for me. a little disconcerting. i think i'm in the same boat as you, @sarahmezz, where it's sort of gotten to that point where i'm feeling a heightened frustration - even thought its still apparently so NORMAL for it to take this long!
    silver linings: hmmm.....i know there are some...let me think....well, my cycles have gradual gone down to a normal length over the last few months (this last one was 29 days) and that is good, i guess (i've had some irregular cycles and missed periods over the last 2 years so its nice to see things normalizing a bit). aaaaannd i think that's it for silver linings. oh well.

    @december: (former) 2ww bud - hoping you fair better than me this cycle! sending good thoughts your way

    @alzora: i'm so sorry that this has been such a long, challenging journey for you. you are one amazing, strong woman and i just KNOW this is going to have the happiest of endings. you inspire me to be stronger, so thank you for that and thank you so much for starting this thread and infusing it with your open, honest, warm energy.

    @maggiefromcanada: still sending bfp vibes your way and hope you get a pleasant surprise - if not, i will similarily be having that stiff drink up here in canada so we can cyber-cheers. though, like sarahmezz, i think i should probably make a significant effort to cut down on the booze this cycle so maybe just one stiff drink haha.

    @casilayne, @sophie, @frangipani - hoping for some happy news from you guys over the next few days - sending patience and positivity

    also sending patience and positivity to all the ladies just starting the 2ww. bring on the BFP's! were due for some!

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    You are all so sweet. Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words.

    @December, don't give up yet. Moodiness doesn't necessarily mean PMS. It could be pregnancy!

    @Casi, how has your day progressed? I've been thinking of you.

    @Sophie and @Vec, any changes or updates? I hope your husbands are right.

    @Maggie, oh no! Has your period started? Does the temperature drop mean that it's inevitable? How are you holding up? That was quite a run of hopeful days. Are you okay?

    @Lineska, thank you for the encouragement!

    @Blueeyes, welcome to our thread! I'm glad you got a solid positive OPK. Isn't it such a relief? I hope your little May baby is on its way. Keep us posted!

    @Vanessa, when is ovulation expected, again? I do hope it arrives as scheduled. Good luck!

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    @Loveday, I'm so sorry to hear of your disappointment! Pamper yourself today, and try to keep looking ahead to your next fertile window. I know it's not easy for the first couple days, but it will come before you know it. For today, try some chocolate and a bubble bath. <3 Thank you for your kind words!

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