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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Oh wow!!! This thread is motoring along. I've been away a few days. Although I would love to respond to you all I'm a bit short on time.

    Welcome to all the newbies you have chosen an awesome thread to join with some wonderful understanding and supportive women on here.

    Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear about AF. If it was me, I'd be punching my pillow, cos that just seems soooooo unfair

    Maggie, you are doing such a great job waiting. You deserve a medal for patience.

    Alzora, to be honest I'm quite nuteral. I know no symptoms should show for another few days. I fell pregnant the first month we ever tried, so in that aspect, I'm almost expecting the same to happen. But both DH and I haven't been that well this last month and I didn't notice as much CM as other months. So in that respect, I'm not overly hopeful. So I have a little theory to throw into your ovulation question. Since you are a twin and the genes for twins run in your family, do you think it may be possible that you are ovulating twice?

    As for me, was just in the supermarket and saw pregnancy tests and was so tempted to buy them. But I held off and so glad I did. There is a midwife who says she will give me one if I suspect I'm pregnant. Since I am due over a weekend, I'll hold off till the Monday to call her if don't get AF. I know if I had one sitting at home, I would find it hard to hold off using it.
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    Andie, looks like we'll be waiting out the two weeks together. Maybe Alzora is too, but it sounds like the OPKs are being a little unclear for her.

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    Hey guys, I'm still following each of your journeys but am not going to try to respond individually tonight since the thread is moving so fast. Just wanted to say that I've had clearer indications that ovulation is over and my fertile window is now officially closed for this cycle. (@Frangipani, a double ovulation did cross my mind!) I'll consider today the beginning of my two-week wait. I'm nervous. I'm having a hard time emotionally this month. I sobbed about TTC several times before I even ovulated this cycle. The thought of a thirteenth disappointment terrifies me.
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    @vec1013 I stopped taking the pill beginning of August and had our first unprotected sex on the 4th which, if I am pregnant, would make me only 2 1/2 weeks. I think that's what's making me doubt the symptoms as most websites/books etc lead you to believe that symptoms such as nausea, back ache, sore boobs don't start until the 4th week at the earliest :s It doesn't really help that I have no idea what my cycle length is, because I've been on the pill for ten years!

    @andieta Thanks for the post, I have none of those, although I will wait and see what AF is like this month.

    @alzora I hope this is your month

    Good luck to everyone else in their tww!
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    Hi ladies just checking in and I can see its been super busy!

    Welcome to the newbies hope your ttc journeys are short but sweet!

    @alzora, I think you are an incredibly strong woman! And i am sorry your feeling down at the moment, I wish I could give you hug! I m praying for you and sending you lots of positive vibes... Hopefully this month is the one for you, and, it's almost September. Do you think you'll get the insurance sorted and make an appointment with doc? Hopefully you won't need it anyway

    @sarah, hope you enjoyed your lunch with the sister in-law, and I am hoping and praying that next month is for you! Enjoy your weekend away!

    @loveday my tww buddy! how are you travelling? Any new symptoms? We're almost through the tww, but its been more like 2.5week! I hate the waiting, grrrr..

    @maggie, you must be going insane! I'd be testing every hour are your cycles normally regular? I am hoping and hoping and hoping that you get a BFP!

    I'm struggling with the 2.5week wait, feels like it has been going ever so slowly! I have been incredibly moody and emotional and had a bit of a cry in the car on the way to and from work today, and not even about anything in particular! I am sure it's pms and feel like AF is just around the corner. Will keep you all posted! X
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