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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    May 2013
    @Alzora I know I haven't been on lately. I'm missing my ladies!! I just started a new job that is requiring a lot of time and energy. I get home and just CRASH.

    Symptoms since Sunday that been increasing: nausea and breast tenderness. Frequent urination has been on-and-off.
    Today started a new symptom: nausea is now vomiting.

    My blood test is on Friday. I don't know if I can hold out that long. lol
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    Thanks all. It's so nice to have people who know exactly what I'm going through to confide in. Still a couple days from AF's expected start. Still hopeful for myself and all the other waiting berries.

    @alzora I'm not exactly sure. I'm still doing the I kinda know when I should ovulate thing. My OB said not to worry about tracking things and such until after we've been trying to 6 months. We're on month 3.

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    I see that there are some newly-off-the-pill Berries, so I'll re-post something that Toni Weschler says in Taking Charge of Your Fertility about what coming off the pill can do to your body:

    "The Pill can cause any of the following disruptions for up to several months after discontinuing:
    - False high temperatures
    - Temperature that seems out of sync with cervical fluid
    - Absence of typical ovulatory cervical fluid, leading to an unchanging basic infertile pattern [just means the same cm for 14 days in a row, so a sign that ovulation isn't happening]
    - Continuous seemingly fertile watery or milky cervical fluid
    - Erratic pattern of patches of varying types of cervical fluid
    - Short luteal phase indicating an unsuitable ovulation
    - Heavier and redder bleeding than you became accustomed to while on the Pill
    - Irregular preovulatory bleeding and spotting in the luteal phase
    - Poor menstrual flow following ovulation"

    Hope this helps some of you!

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    Apr 2013
    As for me, my temperature remained elevated today, so I suspect I did ovulate on Monday, making me 2 DPO.

    Our board is due for some good news, so here's hoping we get some in the next few weeks!

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    @Vec - Oh, okay. I didn't realise you didn't start trying until July. In that case, you may not show on a pregnancy test yet. Although, if you didn't have a period in July, that may indicate you didn't ovulate that month? Not sure. Definitely ask your doctor!

    @Casi, JCannoy & Andie - Good luck, guys! Hoping for some good news on this thread for August!
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