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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Aug 2013
    Hey everyone,
    I was adviced to join this forum too. I started a new forum this morning but have just copied and pasted the post into this forum.

    My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past month or so now. I know that we are really early in the process and would just like to seek some advice. I had very irregular periods before I went on birth control when I was 17. I went off birth control this past May and was expecting my periods to become just as irregular as they were before I first went on birth control. I am 22 btw. I had my first period after going off the pill on June 7th which would make it a 39 day cycle, which I didn't think was too bad concidering all of the stress I was under at the time. But now I haven't had a period since and it will be going on 3 months. I am wondering if I could be pregnant. Is it too fast? I took a pregnancy test on August 16th and it was negative. I have been having all kinds of symptoms, sore boobs, mood swings, nausea, extra discharge, I am EXHAUSTED, certain foods I can't eat, I have to pee more often, and I have been breaking out really bad. Is it possible that my body is still trying to regulate itself from going off the pill? When do you think that I should take another pregnancy test or possibly make an appointment to see the doctor. It sucks having irregular periods because it makes this much more difficult!! I am already convinced that it will be difficult for us to conceive and I am just looking for any advice or maybe someone that has had a similar situation.

    I plan to test again on Friday and if still negative, I will be making a doctor appointment. I am tired of not knowing!!
    Thanks so much in advance!!

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    @Andrea, how was your temp this morning? Still elevated? Have you used another ovulation test? I guess if you get pregnant this cycle you'll just have to ask your friend to move her wedding date a little bit, right? :P

    @Sarah, I know that feeling all too well, and it is horrid. I've had two cycles now where my period was late and my husband and I were convinced we were having a baby, then that dream was shattered. This will take you a little while to get over, but in about a week and a half you can start trying again! And it's wonderful that you have free access to the tests that some of us so badly need and can't afford. Things are looking really good for you, even though today is a crappy day. Chin up, I have a lot of hope for you!

    @Nowakasia, any signs of impending ovulation? Cervical mucus?

    @December, those last few days of the two-week wait are so stressful! Sometimes it helps when I start focusing on the next cycle even though my period hasn't come yet. It helps me to remember that another chance is right around the corner if a disappointment comes. But of course we are all hoping that disappointment doesn't come for you!

    @Maggie, another negative?! What on confusing and stressful! How are you feeling symptom-wise?

    @Casi, I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick. But how are you feeling otherwise?! We need an update from you!

    @Vanessa, a nurse in a pediatrician's office--what a fun job! There are so many possibilities for a nurse in so many different settings. You'll have an incredible amount of options in your career, and I wish you well in it. So glad to hear that your mom is okay after her battle with cancer! That must have been traumatizing for both of you.

    @Vec, it's great to have you on our thread. I can't answer your questions, having never been on birth control, but several of the ladies on here have had experience with it and should be able to offer some insights. Of course, nothing that any of us say can replace the opinions of your doctor. I truly hope you are pregnant--why don't you give your doctor a call and find out for sure one way or the other! Keep us posted.
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    1,809 I thought I ovulated on Monday or yesterday, but today I still have cervical mucus and I took another OPK. It's "technically" negative, but the test line is still pretty dark, though not quite as dark as the control line. What does that mean? I thought the LH usually dropped immediately and cervical mucus usually dried up right away after ovulation. Does it sound like ovulation is still ahead of me, or are my cervical mucus and LH just taking a little while to phase out? o.O Maybe my body prepped for ovulation, then my stomach cramps made it stall, and now it's trying again? I guess it doesn't matter either way, because my husband and I won't have a chance to make any further attempts until Friday. :/

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    @alzora- I can't say for sure but it is so frustrating. I wish that all of this was just cut and dry. For example you always have the same cycle length and you always ovulate starting on day 14!! Oh well, I guess that would be too easy hopefully this is your month!!

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    @vec I'm sort of in the same boat as you, came off the pill beginning of August and have been feeling nauseus, horribly tired, with weird sense of smell and taste and just the last couple of days, backache as well. I took a test at the weekend but it came back negative. My period isn't due for around another week so will wait and see what happens and maybe test again then, but if still nothing I will also be talking to my doctor. I've read on different websites that coming off the pill can cause mood swings and cramps but too many of my (and yours by the sound of it) symptoms are like those in early pregnancy that who knows what's going on! I will keep my fingers crossed for you, let's hope we both get BFP's!
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