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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Hey all! After seeing it mentioned a few times, I just want to chime in on the baby Aspirin thing because I was on it for awhile. It's absolutely NOT something to do to increase fertility/your odds of conceiving. Some women get put on it after a miscarriage because it thins your blood and blood clots can be a fairly common cause of mc. But taking a baby aspirin when it's not needed could be harmful too - if your blood thins too much, you could end up miscarrying anyway. So it's definitely only something someone should do because their doc told them to! I was on it for a month or so, got pregnant - but then had spotting for weeks so they had me stop it. It's definitely a cost/benefit thing and not for just anyone hoping to conceive. That's all! :-D

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    @Frangipani, I'm a fraternal twin. We look nothing alike, and I tell her that she got switched in the hospital and my real twin is out there somewhere. I actually look very much like our older sister, so people often assume she and I are the twins. How are you handling the early part of your two-week wait? I know it's too soon for symptoms, but are you feeling optimistic this cycle?

    @Sophie, I hope your husband is babying you as you nurse that foot back to health!

    @Maggie, this suspense is a killer! Aren't you just dying for a clear answer one way or the other?! It still sounds like pregnancy to me though.

    @J_cannoy, how long is your luteal phase typically? If ovulation was on the 8th or 9th, it's probably just too early for a positive. Sore boobs are a great sign, so I'm just going to disregard your BFN and keep hoping for you!

    @Vanessa, oooh you're going to be a nurse! What type of nurse do you plan to be? When do you finish school?

    @Nowakasia, I'm optimistic that ovulation WILL happen for you this time! I'm eager for this weekend to come for you.

    @December, I hope Friday brings a wonderful surprise for you! Keep us posted on any new symptoms.

    @Daisychain--the fertility diet. You could be on to something. We can make millions just by creating baby-sized everything--teeny tiny cookies, mini hamburgers, bite-sized pizzas--and convincing consumers that the foods will increase fertility because they are baby-sized. Should be cheap to produce, too, as we can make the ingredients stretch pretty far!

    @Christine, thanks for the information and warning on the baby aspirin! Good to know!

    I've been having lower-abdominal pains last night and today and I can't figure out what is causing them. I suspect it's something digestion-related, but it also could be sore abs or a sore cervix from so much babymaking these past five days. Does anybody else ever get that? It might be all three--sore abs, sore cervix, and something going on with my GI tract that hopefully just passes. But . That's how I feel about it.

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    So much news today! So I won't respond to everyone, but thinking of you all!

    Alzora, I love the nursery idea, I could totally see Lucille Ball doing that, and you too! My husband is sort of like yours in that he knows way too much about my cycle. And I can't keep secrets about myself for the life of me - he would know when my period is due and when I'm testing and I would probably make him watch the test with me. haha.

    So yesterday I got a semi-dark OPK, which I know is technically a negative. I didn't have much cm and definitely not EW, but there was some there. So I figured, no impending ovulation yet, but we did it anyways since I figured I'd be ovulating sometime this week. This morning my temperature jumped a lot, so I figured I was just too hot (anyone else temping find that their temperature rises a lot if you are hot in bed, even if it's at the same time as usual?).

    But then my OPK line today was almost non-existent. This is what happened last month too - an almost dark OPK one day and an almost non-existent line the next day and then a temperature shift. All this to say that I think I might have in fact ovulated yesterday. Won't know until I have two more days of elevated temperatures but I'm glad we put in the effort yesterday just in case!

    But I'm not so sure I'd want to get pregnant this month - my EDD would be roughly 2 weeks before my best friend's wedding that I am a bridesmaid in. eep!

    So if all is as I suspect, period will be due around the first weekend of September, but if my spotting pattern continues, I'll start spotting sometime this weekend. I think that makes me TWW buddies with some of you!

    Hoping for some good news from some of you over the next few days!

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    Okay, here's my update. I tested this morning (at approximately 16DPO) and BFN. I was pretty shattered. After telling myself not to get my hopes up, I couldn't help it. They were sky high this morning. I shed a few tears and booked a doctor's appointment to find out why I haven't had my period yet since I'm never late and ask about our options moving forward. They had an appointment immediately available, so I went and I'm so glad I did. The doctor was fantastic. He wasn't my usual doctor, but he said a BFN at this stage is no reason to assume I'm not pregnant and, since I'm late and I'm never this late, the chances of me being pregnant are much more likely than the chances of my period just being randomly late. He said to wait a week (!) and test again. But he gave me a form for a blood test if I'm too impatient to keep waiting (I'll see how I go...). Also, in terms of moving forward, he said he can book my husband and me in for a variety of tests, including a semen analysis, an x-ray and the test where they inject dye into your uterus and fallopian tubes to see if there are any blockages, but to wait and see if I'm pregnant before we start heading down that road. So, even if this isn't my month, I'm feeling optimistic about our options at this stage. Oh, and those tests? They're free. How great is that?

    @Maggie - I hope you read all this and are feeling a little more optimistic about your situation! It's not over till AF shows! I know it's true because my doctor said so!
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    @andieta - sure sounds like you ovulated! Maybe that's just the way it shows up for you?!?! Fingers crossed that your timing was just right!

    @sarahmezz - I'm pulling for you! Hopefully you're just one of those people that gets their BFP a lil bit later in the cycle. Good for you for being proactive though and visiting the doctor. I'm also totally jealous that all of your tests are free!

    Not much to update for me. Just started testing for ovulation today, but don't really expect it for a few more days.... Meanwhile living vicariously through everyone's excitement and possibilities....
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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