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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Good luck jcannoy! Sounds promising!

    Maggie - it's not over till it's over! Hope you get your BFP soon!

    @alzora and Nessie - I'm definitely at tha point right now. Ovulation (if it happens) should be like this weekend?!?!? Hate waiting!
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    BFN for now. Gonna try to control myself and wait to retest Saturday morning. Fingers still crossed. :-)

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    @j_cannoy, a bfn could easily turn into a BFP if you've just tested too early. Keep us updated
    @maggie, any new symptoms? Will you test again in a couple of days? Fingers crossed for you!
    @sarah, I'm feeling positive for you this month! Only one more day til you test again right?
    @alzora, love your idea of attempting/setting up nursery!

    No new symtoms from me, just cruising along anxiously waiting for Friday so I can test! And even then I'll only be 14-18dpo, and that's if I've calculated right :/ I'm kind of expecting AF to show up, but desperately hoping it doesn't!
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    @December - Nope, nothing new, although I have had moments of nausea today. That might just be me overthinking things though. Still no AF signs (definitely no cramps) and still having back pain. I will definitely test again tomorrow if AF doesn't show. Taking Charge of Your Fertility says that 18 consistently high temperatures is a sign you are pregnant, even if you don't get a BFP before that. I'm trying not to be hopeful, but it isn't over 'til AF shows, right?

    @Sarahmezz - I'm hopeful for you. Keep us posted! It must be morning there for you now.

    Funny story: At work we have this older custodian with an awesome Caribbean accent. (The accent is irrelevant to the story, but I love it.) There's construction going on so we've had constant noise. Today he walked up to me and said joyfully: "You'll be the next one!" I said: "The next one to lose my mind because of all this drilling?" Him: "No, the next one to have a baby. I saw [3 pregnant staff members] and I just know you'll be the next one." Sometimes these kind of comments bother me, but today it just made me smile.

    ETA: Oh yeah, j_cannoy, I'm totally hopeful for you too! It sounds promising!
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    Good signs, people! I'm excited.

    @alzora, it looks like you and I will be TWW buddies. I'm currently at CD14 and probably O'd on 11. Of course my luteal phases tend to be short, so it will be more like an 11 day wait.

    You totally made me lol with the big carrot thing and the image of you as Lucille Ball surrounded by baby stuff in your hubbie's office. Love it!

    On the baby aspirin--I suppose I probably shouldn't try that, what with my low platelets and all. Shucks, some things you just have to ask a doctor rather than your Internet buddies.

    Baby carrots, baby aspirin, baby bok choi, baby arugula, mini muffins! I'm going to start a new fertility diet trend: baby everything!

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