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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    After following this thread for the last week, I see that there is lots I need to learn. What resources do you use (ie websites, books and such)? Any suggestions for a first timer TTC?
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    @Daisychain- the baby aspirin thins the blood, which can reduce clotting (and miscarriage) as well as improve blood flow to the reproductive organs

    @Sophie- I hope you feel better! That sucks

    @Sarah- Good luck! I hope you get your BFP

    @Tiffany- there are a ton of websites out there. If you want to learn more about your body and try temping, I recommend fertility friend. You can take a course over 20 days (I think) which teaches you all about your cycle, the hormones, what is normal etc. It was definitely good learning.

    @Maggie- I'm super optimistic for you. Keep us updated!

    @December- I am hopeless at surprises and events. I'm sure I will just tell my husband as soon as I get a positive test. Maybe I will put some work into telling other people. Probably not though.

    Good luck to everyone this cycle!

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    @Maggie, the suspense is killing us all! Have you tested yet?! Also, I can't say enough about the Up & Up prenatal vitamins. They're so cheap, and the nutritional info is identical to that of the more expensive brands, and they're sleek and easy to swallow, and best of all, your queasiness will disappear...well, unless you're pregnant!

    @Loveday, does running affect fertility? I've never heard of that. Do you usually have PMS symptoms by this point? I'm optimistic for you, even though you aren't. :P

    @Frangipani, I'll be your two-week wait buddy too. My fertile window is closing tomorrow or Wednesday, so I'll be four days behind you at most. We can go crazy together for two weeks.

    @Sophie, are you able to walk on the foot or are you using crutches? What a fun start to the week. :/ Hope it heals quickly!

    @December, are you usually feeling any PMS symptoms by this point? I'm eager to hear how you're week progresses.

    @Sarah, any updates?! I hate when these last few days of the two-week wait get prolonged! Anxiously awaiting your updates.

    @Vanessa, doesn't it suck to be in that part of the cycle? I hate the stretch between your period and ovulation...doesn't it seem to take forever? I hope you can find some good distractions while you await babymaking time.

    @Daisychain, DON'T EAT FULL-SIZED CARROTS, THEY WILL RUIN EVERYTHING!!! Hehe...I'm just messing with you. I have no idea why people are specifying baby carrots for increasing cervical mucus. I've never heard of that before, but I love your theory that it is because of the word "baby." I have also never heard of taking baby aspirin for anything fertility-related, but @Trobin's explanation makes sense.

    @Tiffany, I have not personally read it, but lots of people on this thread have recommended the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. I learned things just by Googling and asking tons of questions in this thread. What in particular do you want more information on? Lots of the women in this thread have read some good fertility books and may be able to summarize for you if you have any specific questions.

    As for how to tell my husband when I get a BFP...well I think he'll just kind of know, because he asks me throughout the two-week wait which day my period is due, and as that day approaches he often asks if I've gotten it yet (and every time I mention anything like an ache or tiredness, he exclaims, "That's a great sign!") If my period doesn't arrive on its expected day, he will already be awaiting my test the next morning, so there will be no opportunity for a creative announcement to him. BUT, I did originally have this idea of how to announce it to him back when I thought I could surprise him. I thought I would tell my twin sister first--I know I should tell my husband before anyone else, but I would need her help, and she and I shared a womb together so I figured that gives her privileges. So anyway, I would tell her, and ask her to rush to my house that day and help me move all of my husband's office furniture out of our spare bedroom (maybe carelessly stack it in the hallway for effect), rush out and buy a crib, and then my twin could leave before my husband got home. When he arrived I would be sitting on the floor of the nursery with parts of the crib scattered all around me, sobbing theatrically because I can't figure out how to put the crib together. And that would be his announcement. A bit of a Lucille Ball feel to it. I do like to stress that man out.
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    December and Loveday, you two are both testing Friday morning!!! How exciting, I hope it's going to be a good start to the weekend with some BFPs

    Sophie, I do hope you feel better soon. Ouch!! If AF is not due for two weeks, you probably have tested too early. You may still get your BFP in a couple of weeks.

    Sarahmezz, pleasure I'm hopeful for you.

    Alzora, Yay for a tww buddy! I love your idea about how to tell your Hubby you're pregnant. Oh! And I didn't know that you were a twin. Are you identical or non identical?

    Maggie, I hope you get some sleep tonight and wake up to a stronger line on your test.
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    Maggie & Sarah - I still have my fingers crossed for both of you!

    Frangipani - Yeah that's what I'm thinking, although the tww is already killing me

    December - I'm rubbish at keeping a secret so when I get the BFP my Husband will probably know just by looking at my face!

    I've woken up this morning to an impressive array of bruises all down my right leg from bum to knee and a very sore a swollen left foot. Having both sides hurt isn't great for hobbling around, but I did manage to get to work this morning and I don't plan on moving until I have to leave later!
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