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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Aug 2013
    @Sarah - Best of luck and lots of baby dust to you! Feeling optimistic for you as well. (:

    @Sophie - Sorry about the tumble! I would have done the same thing in heels, no worries. Maybe some good news on the baby-making front will speed up your recovery. (;

    @alzora - Thank you for the warm wishes. (: Hopefully the OPKs will help me feel a little more in control and a little less helpless. Anyone I've talked to who has used them just loves them, so I'm feeling pretty optimistic, for once.
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    Good morning lovely ladies! Wow, this thread has had some action overnight, but I love waking up and catching up with you all!

    @Maggie, your symptoms do sound promising! Maybe make the doc appointment for Wednesday and then just test tomorrow morning or the next day? And if you don't need it you can just cancel? And perhaps by a digital pregnacy test too? That way it takes away the squinting My fingers and toes are crossed for you!

    @sarah, how are you doing? Any more symptoms? hoping you get your BFP this Thursday!

    @nesssie, goodluck charting your first cycle, I think it's great your partner is so supportive it does make the journey a little easier!

    @loveday, hang in there! I say if running makes you feel more balanced, keep up with it! I guess it just depends how much your pushing yourself :0

    I am between 10-14 DPO and am dying to a test! The tww really tests the willpower I had some lower back pain yesterday, felt like it was bruised and only felt better applying a little pressure. Hmmm.. I plan to test first thing Friday morning if my period hasn't arrived...

    So while I've been waiting and thinking and trying not to think about testing I began to think about what I will do once I get my BFP. Do any of you ladies have a plan on how to announce your BFP to your partners? I think I'll be so excited I'll probably just throw the test at him! But I would like to do it in a more memorable way any ideas?
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    @December - The digital test is a great idea! I was going to wait until tomorrow morning (it's 7pm on Monday here) to test, but I'm so antsy that maybe I should just swing by the drug store on my way home. I don't have a plan of how to announce it to my husband when it happens. I'm not very creative about these things, so I'll probably just start freaking out and tell him.

    @Loveday - Yes, it's kind of like a cramp, though I don't notice it unless I move in certain ways. I've never had lower back pain with AF in the past; it's always been concentrated on the pelvis area.
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    Fingers crossed for you Maggie! Can't wait to hear the verdict tomorrow!
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    Maggie, I'm so excited for you! It sounds to me like you are pregnant!

    Loveday, I hear you on the exercise. I've been really enjoying biking and swimming. It had just been so fun and good for me-for balance, as you say. But I have been wondering whether exercise can impede conception. Where did you read you ought to cut back? How much?

    December- I also wouldn't announce any creative way. Having just had a miscarriage, I'm goingbtobtry to take a BFP if/when it happens with a big grain of salt, seeing it as the beginning of any iffy journey rather than a promise of a baby.

    That said, I am feeling very hopeful. This is our first cycle trying again after the mc and getting my medical issues sorted out. I think I ovulated last night based on the positive OPK 2 days ago and a temp shift this morning, and I think we timed things well. Only issue is no noticable FCM, but I conceived last time without it, so it's probably ok. I'm hoping the old wives tale about people being more fertile for 2 or 3 months after an mc is true.

    So I'm simultaneously extremely pessimistic and unreasonably optimistic.

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