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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Alzora- There are lots of natural things out there. Many of which I haven't tried yet. But in addition to acupuncture I just started taking herbs. I boil them for a while on the stove every other day and split the tea over two days. They are supposed to help the body in a similar, yet different, way from acupuncture. I hope so- they are not especially cheap! I also see an osteopath whose philosophy is to help the body heal itself using physical manipulation. It is really strange and interesting and my doctor has a lot of success helping people with infertility by increasing blood flow to the pelvic area and reproductive organs. In addition to all of this I take a lot of supplements. Probably too many actually. They include prenatal, calcium, vitamin c, vitamin e, b complex, evening primrose oil, royal jelly, fish oil and probiotic. I also go to chiropractor, but I was doing that long before we started TTC.

    @Alzora and @Cvdutch I was going to mention an energy healer. A friend of mine goes to one, but I have never been. Maybe I will give it a try one of these days.

    @Maggie- fingers crossed for you!

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    Speaking of all-natural remedies, I re-found a link today that had gone missing when I switched computers a while back. It's a Chinese broth soup that is supposed to help encourage fertility/pregnancy-- I know of at least two people who swear by it-- if any of you try it, let me know how it works!!!

    Black Silky Chicken Stock: Fertility Wisdom from a Grandmother and an Architect - Lucid Food - Clearly Natural Cooking
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    Daisychain, yay for the positive OPK!!

    Andieta, I like the idea of starting a new thread in October I vote yes!

    Maggie, keep us posted, hoping for a BFP

    I've just entered my tww. I've also just discovered one of my friends has started conceiving this last month (same as me). I'm excited at the prospect of possibly being pregnant together. But I know it will happen when it happens and that God has it sorted, so I'm resting in Him
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    Okay, trying to keep up with everybody!

    @December - One of the reasons I can't wait to get pregnant is so I can start doing pregnant-woman things like reading pregnancy books without seeming like a weirdo! However, that hasn't prevented me from buying some already! I've bought Pregnancy For Modern Girls by Hollie Smith and The Complete Organic Pregnancy by Deirdre Zolan and Alexandra Zissu. I've found them both really good. I'm contemplating purchasing Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler because I've heard so many TTC girls say how valuable they found it. Maybe if I don't get knocked up next month

    @Trobin - What kind of herbs are you taking for fertility? I'm taking pre-natal vitamins, zinc, and evening primrose oil (only in first half of cycle to increase cervical mucus). I'm always open to new ideas in my search for that magic bullet! Also, I'm sorry you're out this month

    @Knitwit - I'm so sorry for your loss. Really thinking of you xx.

    @Maggie - Ooh, exciting! I've got my fingers crossed for you!

    @Alzora - Definitely after your first positive OPK. Doesn't matter if later ones are darker. Good luck!

    Personal update: Well, it's been a somewhat interesting few days. I posted a couple of days ago that I was out for this month. I had cramping and really thought my period was about to arrive. Nothing. AF is due today. Still nothing, but I'm having intermittent cramping (although very mild now). I took a pregnancy test today (not FMU), which was negative (at roughly 14DPO). So, really, my hopes aren't high, but you never know. As they say, it's not over till it's over! I'm trying to think of positives - if I'm not pregnant, then I'll be able to have a drink on our anniversary weekend! We're going away to a wine region next weekend so being off alcohol would've been a bummer. Of course, I'd take being pregnant over a glass of shiraz any day, but oh well. And I'll be able to have a spa! But my husband sure won't
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    @sarah, that sounds promising and it ain't over til AF arrives! Will you test tomorrow with fmu? Maybe you ovulated later? Glad your back in the game for this month I've probably bought one too many pregnancy books, worse thing is that I work in a bookstore but can't buy them there as I don't want them finding out I'm ttc so I either buy from the competition *cringe* or just download them :0

    @knitwit, I'm not sure we have silky black chickens in Australia, but I don't know much about chickens either!

    No news from me, just in tww limbo :/ I even started washing our walls today as a distraction not to do a hpt and I only ended up hurting my back! Lesson learnt, don't clean walls
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