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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Knitwit - I am so sorry for your lost. My thoughts are with you.

    Otherwise, just checking in. I'm 14DPO. Earlier this week I had some cramping and lower back pain, but today am feeling normal. My temperature is still up. If it hasn't dropped tomorrow, I may test in the morning. We were up early to watch my husband's favourite Premiership team via live streaming and then made pancakes, so I'm just trying to just enjoy this Saturday and not over think anything!
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    I just got a positive OPK! Right after complaining I rarely get them! Guess I didn't miss my window after all. Now I just hope all that bike riding yesterday didn't damage our genetic materials!

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    @december - Good luck! I hope your cramping is a sign of something! It was tough when my sister announced her pregnancy, but by then I knew they were already TTC and I just felt they would pregnant right away. She's very regular and works out often, and I could just see her getting preggo quickly. Plus I am really excited to be an aunt for the first time! Additionally, after getting pregnant she found out her uterus is shaped irregularly, so she's considered somewhat high risk and has had a lot of monitoring with her pregnancy already. So I'm alternately praying for myself to get pregnant and her to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. That doesn't leave me with a lot of room to be bummed about her being pregnant!

    @alzora - My largest language group is Spanish, but I also have Urdu (Pakistan), Tagalog (Phillipines), Romanian, Lithuanian, Polish, Twi (Ghana), Gujarati (India), Vietnamese, and so on. It's pretty cool. My kids are all really sweet and very motivated to improve their English, so I usually don't have to deal with behavior problems and so on, unlike most teachers. On another note, I'm also a huge dog person. I love my little Hugo and I've often told my husband that if we can't have children, I want another one! Hopefully we get the baby AND another puppy haha. As for my ovulation, I just took my last dose of Clomid this morning. So I am at cycle day 9. Usually my surge shows up on the OPK around days 16-18. So about another week for me until possible ovulation. Although I will start testing starting day 12 just in case.

    @daisychain - I usually test in the morning and then when I'm closer to my 'usual' positive time, I also do it like early evening/late afternoon. I've gotten positives at both times.
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    @knitwit & frangipani, Thankyou! X

    @loveday, I really enjoyed the book, started it yesterday morning and finished it last night! Very insightful and debunked a lot of things which I've read lately - also love how she is a researcher and has looked at the most up to date research!

    @alzora, no cramps today and feeling normal! Yesterday had a bit if breast tenderness but that is normal for me at this time of the month. Still hoping though :0

    @Maggie, eeeek! The higher temp sounds promising! I'll do the over thinking and get excited for you! Let us know how the test goes, sending you lotsa luck!

    @daisychain, yay for positive OPK! Enjoy your fertile window and wishing you luck for this cycle.

    @nowakasi, hope your sisters pregnancy goes smoothly! And I hope you get pregnant soon so your baby will be close in age to its cousin
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    Maggie, sounds promising! good luck! PS which is your husband's favourite team? My husband is an Arsenal supporter. (And sadly also a TFC supporter.)

    Daisychain - so glad you got a positive OPK! Good luck!

    Alzora et al - thanks! I don't really care if I'm first or not, I suppose. I will be happy no matter what! I don't think many of my friends are trying yet but maybe more will start soon? On another note, I hope we are TWW buddies again this month! Based on past months, I think I might ovulate around Tuesday, but I have no signs of cm yet and my temperature is being erratic. So we'll see what happens.

    There was a fantastic website called that answered questions on OPKs and HPTs, but sadly the domain no longer exists. However, thanks to a website knitwit shared, here is a recovered version of it. POAS ~ OPK FAQ - If it doesn't work, go to Internet Archive: Wayback Machine, search and click on the January 2013 snapshot.
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