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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Andieta- Thanks! I hope everything goes well for you too.

    @Alzora- Thanks! I hope this helps me get a baby too. The acupuncture doesn't really hurt. I sometimes feel a small pinch when they go in and out, depending on the point and whether I am in a sensitive time of the month. But usually I fall asleep during the treatment so there is no pain while they are in, for me at least. Occasionally my acupuncturist will hit a small blood vessel which will leave a small bruise but it doesn't really hurt. I have never noticed outward bleeding. As for marks- I can't see any so I don't think so. The needles have a closed tip and don't go in far at all, unlike a needle used for an injection which has a hollow tip and is much bigger and goes in much farther. I don't think there is a risk of them breaking off, they don't go in far at all.

    @Sophie- I often find my mother in law to be more supportive than my own mom, too. Especially with respect to baby things (my mom thinks I shouldn't have one). Somehow it is more complicated when it is your own family.

    @December- I really liked "Making Babies" by Sami David and Jill Blakeway. It was easy to read and full of personalized information about your fertility type (they have a questionnaire so you can figure out what your fertility type is), and it provides information from a traditional medical/western point of view and and eastern point of view. I definitely recommend that one. I also liked "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis. However it is mostly from a natural/eastern point of view. If you were to buy one right now I would start with "Making Babies" because it is easier to follow and would provide a good background for "The Infertility Cure" if you eventually get to that one.

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    TWW takes longer than Christmas.
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    @andieta - I have to pick up yet another referral to get my labs done on Day 21. They check my progesterone levels to see if I ovulated. My doctor's office outsources their lab work, so it's always pick up a form at their place and then drive over to the laboratory to get it done. Then I wait a couple days and call the doctor for the results. I've got it down at this point!

    @alzora -Yes, I'm a teacher. I teach elementary school. I provide services in English to children whose first langauge is something else. I love my job, but it's a little chaotic at the beginning of the year. Also, I feel bad leaving my dog home alone all day on the days my husband works too. My pup got spoiled over the summer with me being home all the time. I do like being back though. I actually got a little teary today seeing all the little ones arrive for school. They're so cute and tiny! Thank you for your prayer. I think I actually have a decent amount of people praying for me to get pregnant so I'm feeling good!

    @december - Good luck! I hope your cramps really do have to do with implantation. I'm pretty sure one of my best friends is about to TTC. She's mentioned it casually, but I think they're going for it. I'd love to be pregnant with her, but we'll see. I had been TTC for 8 months about when my sister got pregnant on her 2nd month trying. I'd love to be pregnant with her too, but alas. :-?
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    Just popping in with some good news/bad news. The good news is that I was pregnant. The bad news is that it's a "was"-- past tense.

    I had another an early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy.

    I'll be on here to check up on you all, and to provide support and love, but you won't hear any TTC updates from me for at least a month.

    To those of you in your two-week-wait, I'm keeping fingers crossed. Those in your fertile window, good luck, and keep us updated <3
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    @trobin: i, too, have resumed seeing an acupuncturist (i saw one regularly about 6 years ago when i had heavy, unexplained spotting between periods - i basically started seeing her to calm me down and gain some sort of control while i endured the 4 month wait for my surgery to see what was wrong - my doctor actually recommended it. but then the spotting stopped.....i feel largely due to the acupuncture. it was expensive, but so worth it as my surgery was cancelled!)

    @andieta: hope your ovulation tracking gets easier and isn't as confusing as mine! i've actually been using those wondfo strips from amazon you mentioned for the last 2 cycles - you're right: definitely the cheapest way to go..but maybe not the most accurate. i've been reading about the fancy 200$ one that is supposed to be the easiest and most accurate...its very tempting. also, i feel you on friends getting pregnant - i feel the exact same way: "lets all get pregnant! but me first because i'm worried i can't, okay?" haha

    @alzora: my periods due in about a week. starting to feel a little bloated, fat and irritable (normal pms stuff for me), trying dang hard not to get wrapped up in little signs, sensations this time!! so hard, though! yes, i'm glad that we're still enjoying the baby dancing and finding it fun....but as i said, i can sure see a time in the not so distant future where it would become challenging and frustrating. i think its very important not to put too much significance to the actual act -- when we first started trying a few months ago i had this weird feeling like if the sex was rushed or not the greatest, that it was all wrong and we'd have an angry baby or something. i know: crazy town! i have since smartened up on that one and am more of the mindframe of: let's just get that egg and sperm in the same damn room together!
    also, i would strongly recommend acupuncture: a very interesting, eye-opening and relaxing experience. are you approaching your fertile window now?

    @december: hope you like the book! luckily its cheap (and short), so not too annoying if you find its not up your alley

    sending good thoughts to all!

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