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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Aug 2013
    @alzora Good to know I'm not the only one who's been worrying since the very beginning! For the first 3 or 4 cycles, we were just using regular lubricant, but since then have switched to Pre-Seed. My SO thinks I'm being paranoid and crazy, but I just really want to boost our chances any way I can. I try to lie down for at least 10 minutes after sex, but if I'm honest, I don't always accomplish that! I've been off my anxiety meds for about 14 months now, and when I get anxious, I tend to pace around or clean up the floor. So sometimes I can't help but do that. And sometimes I'm really hungry and I go get a snack. Best of luck to you too. (:
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    @alzora - I am in the midst of my Clomid days right now. I have two more days of taking pills and then hopefully starting later next week I will ovulate. HOPEFULLY. I'm trying to stay positive about it all, but it's a stressful time of the year for me right now with school starting up this week. As for my medical bills, nothing new really. My billing lady (who is actually really awesome and helpful) got the lab place to place a hold on my account while she tries to figure something out with insurance. This is good because I won't be getting bills in the meantime and getting stressed out! Thank you for checking in!
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    @Alzora- I really like acupuncture- I had it when I sprained my ankle a few years ago and it really helped. For fertility purposes I haven't got a bfp yet, but it is supposed to help balance your body (and your hormones) and improve blood flow to the reproductive organs. Also apparently it can reduce the chances of miscarriage in the first trimester. I personally find it really relaxing, both during the sessions and afterward. So for me it is worth it just for that.

    @Alzora and @Nessie- I also have been worried about fertility since cycle one. Okay, before cycle one. You are not alone!

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    Wow!! All this tracking my cycle is confusing. I actually thought I had a rather regular, predictable cycle until ttc. Usually my cycle is anywhere from 26-28 days. My last AF was on 3 Aug, so I have been checking for CM and my cervix over the last few days. Last month I seemed to get CM on day 10 and 11. I am now on day 13 and although I kinda have it, its not quite the the EWCM (sorry TMI). That on its own is fine, but my cervix now feels harder and more closed then it has over the last few, which kinda makes me wonder if I have already finished ovulating. I have not bought OPKs yet, but am starting to think that would be way easier. I have only seen them in packs of 7, which does not seem like many.
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    Ok I am going to try to respond to 6 pages of comments, sorry if I missed anyone or confused things.

    J_cannoy – good luck!

    Frangipani – I think a quarterly TTC thread will be more manageable. I propose we start it in October for 4th quarter.
    Good luck!

    Loveday – that is a confusing OPK situation. Did you ever get a positive? I’ve also read that some women’s LH surge peaks below the threshold for an OPK, although that doesn’t explain how it goes from dark to light to dark. Hope all the BD has paid off! Good luck with your TWW! Oh, and yes, tracking my cycle has been confusing too. I just can’t figure out where my cervix is half the time. Haha. You can order Wondfo OPKs on Amazon if you don’t mind comparing a test line and control line – they come in packages of 20 or 40 ? in a set so it is really good value.

    Sorry Shannon and Sarah and trobin about AF showing up.

    Welcome Vanessa! That is too bad you’ve been trying so long but it isn’t unusual for it to take a year to get pregnant. BDing every 3 days seems like a good tactic!
    Welcome cosmonaut!
    Welcome Tiffany! Sorry that you’ve had such long gaps between periods, hope that the Metformin works for you!

    Rachel, good luck in the TWW, hope it’s good news!

    Alzora, thanks for checking in! I should be in fertile window this weekend or early next week. Hope your cm gives you the green light soon, and that your hubby is feeling better!

    Trobin, hmm, so you’ve been off the pill for a year now, I hope that everything comes together soon for you so your LP can be long enough!

    December, we are both on our 3rd cycle post-pill, but you are a few days ahead of me! I hope that you just missed testing on the day of ovulation, and maybe you will be lucky this month!

    Maggie, good luck! Hope you have a very lucky first cycle of trying!

    Nowakasia, hope that this dose of Clomid gets you ovulating! Do you have an appointment set up already to see if you did ovulate this month?

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