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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Oh my gosh, @Knitwit, I am so sorry to hear what you're living with! Have doctors given you anything to help with the pain? Does heat on the abdomen help, or anything at all? What caused it? Are the adhesions increasing over time? Can any type of surgery be done to clean up any of the adhesions? How are you coping emotionally? (Please don't feel obligated to answer these...I'm straying into pretty personal territory.) I just said a prayer for you. My heart is sad for you, but God is bigger than pelvic adhesions. That's what my husband keeps reminding me too.

    @Carla, I really can't offer much input one way or the other on IVF, as it's something I haven't looked into much. If my Fallopian tubes are found to be blocked by pelvic adhesions, my options would be surgery or IVF, and I don't consider IVF a real option for us given the astronomical costs.

    @Everyone else, thank you for sharing your various perspectives on the passage of time while TTC. Very interesting to hear the different approaches.

    Expecting my period tomorrow. If it doesn't show (I have every indication that it will), it could still reasonably appear on Wednesday or even Thursday. It wouldn't be officially late until Friday, but it's on the brink of starting and will be here any minute now. I'm heartbroken once again, but my dear husband, who is trying to sleep, just told me that he doesn't want me sitting up and being sad alone, and I am to wake him up if I need to cry or if I just need support. He hates to see me sad. I just feel like each failed cycle is another nail in the coffin.

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    Milasmama, that's good to hear you weren't effected.

    Wow, Knitwit, that sounds very intense. I really do feel for you and I too, pray for your recovery. I admire your strength and your amazing attitude to keep positive after everything you have been through. You seem to have an amazing balance of realism and optimism. It's amazing how you are able to see the silver lining in your situation. It seems that when people go through crisis or illnesses it either makes them stronger or bitter and you definitely seem like the person who pursues the road of becoming stronger. Even so, I really hope and pray that your pain goes and that you carry a baby to full term

    Alzora, I know you're feeling sad. I was feeling like that too just before my period and the first couple of days of having it. I went for a big walk today and feel so much better. Are you able to break up your routine a bit and go do something fun with your husband? (btw He sounds like an amazing guy who cares a lot for you)
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    Whitegold, I so hope you get a BFP at the end of this week. It feels like we are due for another on this forum
    Mumma of 3 Angel babies, Lani (my heavenly flower), Charlie (my free little one) and Brennan (my brave teardrop) xxx

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    Woke up to my period.

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    Sorry Alzora. That really sucks. Be kind to yourself this week.

    No one had thoughts on my post about stillbirth stats? Too difficult to think of when we're all struggling just to get pregnant? Too macabre?

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