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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Oh no nowakasia! I really hope things start improving for you =( you must be so stressed about this all. Its so frustrating when insurance wont cover and bills keep coming without any real results. But hopefully this next clomid cycle will work out for you! How many times will they try before you go to something else, meaning do you only have one shot with the 150 dosage?

    welcome newbies!! good to have you!
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    @december unless you have an extremely short LH peak you'll be able to catch it at 7pm just fine. I did the OPK after work, there's no point in knowing it's positive while DH is not around.

    @nowakasia oh no, that's so disappointing, I'm sorry. I really hope the higher dose works! Where your labs close to ovulating levels again?
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    Thanks khaatje! I guess I should just give it a go - I'm so nervous that I won't see the positive result but I guess it will help concentrate our efforts

    Oh @nowakasia, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't ovulate this month that is really crappy. And so are the bills! I'm sending you all the positive ovulation vibes for next month, hoping the 150mg dosage does the trick! And never apologise, you are not a downer - it's just a sucky situation which you will overcome positive thoughts! X
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    @December, my LH level usually peaks for a day and a half; I don't know if that's average for women, but if so, you'll get a 7:00 pm positive. I've never tried testing in first-morning urine, but I feel like I WOULD get a positive during my most fertile day each cycle. Good luck! Where are you at in your cycle right now? Is your fertile window approaching?

    @Nowakasia... ! I'm so sorry that you're having such disappointments! I can relate to that fear that you are about to hit a wall with no recourse. BUT, you haven't tried it at 150mg yet, so let's think positive thoughts about that. If--IF--it doesn't work, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For right now, we'll assume that you are ovulating next cycle! As for the bills...scary scary. Are you able to start paying off any of the smaller bills, to kind of keep them from piling up to an overwhelming level? Maybe you can speak with a supervisor next time you call your insurance company? My heart is hurting for you, because TTC is stressful enough to begin with, so when fears of infertility and medical bills are added on top of that, it is stifling. You can vent here. Some of us are all too familiar with those fears.

    Today I'm about 10 DPO, and all signs point to a coming period, expected Tuesday. Each month, in the week before my period comes, I get menstrual cramps first thing in the morning that go away by the time I am showering, and then return late at night as I'm climbing into bed. I'm having the exact same cramping pattern this month. Why is that--why are the cramps concentrated to early mornings and late nights, but absent throughout the day?? The only different symptom I've had this cycle is that my boobs remain mildly sore--now only at night as I'm climbing into bed--and I've felt a bit achy in my lower back late at night. Both could very well just be PMS, and given the intensity of the menstrual cramps, that's the way I'm leaning. Also my boobs could be sore because I've been squeezing them all day long. The soreness has faded so much that I've had to squeeze harder and harder to feel Yep, I'd say there's a decent chance that I am creating any breast tenderness that I'm feeling at this point. I think that maybe instead of holding out hope for this cycle, I should just start focusing on my next cycle. That makes the pain of a disappointment somewhat bearable, though I'll admit, it's getting harder and harder to cope each month. Sometimes I feel like my heart is just going to stop beating from all the pain. TTC is hard. The first couple months were so full of excitement, but when you begin to worry that your body will never get pregnant, it just becomes a frightening obsession that may never get relief. My knees ache right now too--I get that each month before my period. I don't know what exactly causes the achy knees because no one else in the world seems to experience it, so I have no idea if it would also accompany a pregnancy for me or if it means that my period is arriving as scheduled.

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    I just want to say that you are all such a brave and courageous lot of women. Just been reading all the stories and how everyone is overcoming hardship and disappointments in their ttc journey. I know it can be sucky but hopefully it will make those BFPs and babies in arms all the more special when they do come.

    Nowasakia, feeling for you. Thats so disappointing. Be kind to yourself and here's hoping for next month.

    Casilayne, you are one brave cookie!! Well done on taking the shot.

    Carla, welcome to the thread. I hope you get a happy surprise soon. Don't be despondent because of your age. It is only one factor. You may be pregnant sooner than you think.

    Blueeyes, I can only somewhat relate but I can well imagine it is no picnic when your hubby is off his meds. I have a family member (not my hubby) who suffers from a mental illness and he is a very different person when he is not on the right meds.

    Alzora, we are nearing that time. Do you get more nervous as the days get closer? My nerves are all over the place, and even though I am certain there is not much chance for this month, I am all of a sudden feeling hopeful. Lol go figure
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