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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    To respond to the app question: I use Fertility Friend and have found it very usefull. I don't chart my basal temperatures very consistently though because I find it disturbs my sleep--I'm so conscious of needing to temp before moving that I wake up at like 4 am. Although now that I wake up before getting up so that I can take my Thyroid medicine an hour before breakfast, maybe I'll try it again. Anyway, I use FF mobile on my phone, noting OPK results and cervical mucus and periods, if course, and it's been useful for keeping track of things and noting patterns.

    It made me realize that my fertile window starts pretty much the day after my period ends-- I mention this because I notice a few people on here saying they start trying on the 14th day, and just want to make sure that's an informed decision. If I waited til the 14th, I'd likely miss my window most cycles.

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    Welcome, @Blueeyes! Glad you've joined us. What type of ovulation tests are you using? I use Wondfo test strips, and I test mid-afternoon. My positive always corresponds with some pretty obvious body signs such as fertile cervical mucus and clearer skin. Have you noticed any cervical mucus at any point in your cycle? Also, have you considered tracking your basal body temperature to ensure that you are ovulating? I think it's best for your husband to stay on his medicine; do you know for a fact that it lowers sperm count, or was he just guessing? Wishing you luck!

    @Frangipani, I hope you get a pleasant surprise this weekend...although I too am having all my usual PMS symptoms and my period is due Tuesday. If we both get disappointed, we can grieve together.

    @December, good luck! I hope your two-week wait flies by.

    @Nowakasia, do you usually have PMS symptoms by this point in your cycle? I'm 9 DPO, and my PMS symptoms usually begin between 7 and 9 DPO, so the absence of symptoms would be a hopeful sign for me. (Unfortunately, all my symptoms are here on time.) Keep us posted!

    @Maggie, I'm not using any apps. I don't even have a smart phone. I am am avoiding them for as long as possible, because I know that once I get one, I will become addicted and never "live life" again...haha!

    @Casilayne, I hope the shots prove less traumatic than you expect them to be. Thinking of you!

    Ugh...guys, I'm crampy. My breast soreness is 99% gone. My period is due on Tuesday so I get to wallow in these crappy symptoms for five more days before starting Cycle 13. I has a sad.

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    @Daisychain, yep, my fertile window sometimes starts right away too! I love it when it does. But I second your remark about not being able to depend on a calendar alone to track fertility. My cycle varies between 24 and 31 days--a full week's difference--so if I depended on just a calendar...which I did for the first couple months of trying--I would often be wrong and we would miss the window.

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    @blueeyes26, I used the OPKs late afternoon (after work) too, and got a positive right on cue (CD 15 out of 29). In most women the LH surge builds up over night and early morning is too early for it to be detected. Did you test your entire cycle and did you get a light line (as in a clear line but not as dark as the control line) at any point in your cycle? You can try testing twice a day on those days and the day before. The cheap OPKs Alzora mentioned do work so you don't have to spend a fortune.
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    I'd never heard of the antidepressants + male infertility thing but after a quick search, I'm glad I heard of it. Boyfriend is on Luvox but is slowly taking less. Guess it's something we'll have to look into.
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