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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Hello again! I said hi at the beginning of the month. I completely agree Rowan. So true.

    Someone asked how long it took me to conceive my son. It was 15 months (though I found out I was reading the instructions for the fertility tests wrong. The first time I read them right we were successful. So, apparently I'm just blind.)

    In other news I went off of the pill and we are full on TTC now. My body however is being insane. I came off of the IUD, went on the pill one month and I had a one day kinda/sorta period. When I came off of the IUD I had a full 3 day period before I started the pill. I've felt like I've been on the worst period of my life over the last week except that I'm not bleeding. I took a pregnancy test, but it was negative. Anyone else have issues when they came off of Mirena? Or is it because I went on the pill immediately after? Thoughts?

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    @Andie, I had blood work done back in December, this checked my hormone levels and thyroid. Everything checked back awesome, she said I was very fertile with healthy eggs ect ect. So with this news I'm so confused. Even with my husbands lower sperm count we should have been pregnant by now. Yes its low, but it's not severely low. Currently he sits at 13 million per mil, average is 20 million per mil and above. I'm nervous for his test coming up because a sperm analysis can change every few months, meaning, he could have a good month the month we had him checked. Of course I'm hoping for much much better results this time round, since alcohol and tobacco have been cut out completely and other stuff, like sleeping in boxers and and avoiding hot tubs ect. If his tests come back higher I will be ecstatic, but on the same note I will be worried about me! haha it never ends. Thanks for asking and keeping me in your prayers! I love this group so much! I hope good things for you as well Andie!
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    Ktook, how are you doing? I've been thinking of you.

    Daisychain, I am kinda in a similar spot to you this month. We did it once but I'm sure it was way too early before ovulation, so I would be very surprised to get pregnant this month (but its not impossible)

    Butterflykisses, I hope you get good results and even more I hope you get pregnant soon.

    Alzora, thanks for your feedback Re names. What do you (and others) think of Summer Daisy? I like it but worry that its almost like adjective (Summer) noun (Daisy). Maybe these questions should be asked on another thread, but I thought Id throw it out there to my fellow ttcers first.
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    I just got out of hospital, turns out I've got a nasty UTI but no problem in utero they could even find the heart beat already. Am now taking things easy at home for a while, fortunately work doesn't start until late August. Thank you so much for all your support ladies, it was so scary.

    Regarding the TIBs: I read this article the other day, and was very surprised the costs in the US are so high. I can understand why the inssurance company may charge you 80% (dont agree, but understand) but why are the costs of health care so high in the first place?
    Royal Baby Puts Cost Of Giving Birth In U.S. To Shame (INFOGRAPHIC)

    I'm hoping and praying for good news from you too ktook!

    @Alzora: have you discovered any more symptoms yet?
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    Hi news
    While still only a little blob, little bubba Took is measuring how it should be (7weeks 3 days). Strong little heartbeat and all perfect at this stage. I celebrated with a donut .
    Thank you again to you all for your kindness and thoughts. I will continue to lurk here continuing to send you all baby dust, hope and will enjoy getting all your happy news.
    Hugs xx
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