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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Thought I would check in.... Loved reading everyones posts and updates. I also wanted to add that we have fabulous tastes in names!

    Over the last two weeks, I have had so, so many nosebleeds, waves of nausea/dizziness, food aversions, and still no AF. Wednesday, I called my doctor because the nosebleeds are so unusual and I needed to know what to do. He wanted to see my right away. Urine test was negative at the office and he drew blood to check my levels. My doctor think I may have ovulated late and am newly pregnant, which may not register on a urine test.

    Fast forward to Friday, my levels look "great" according to the nurse. I asked if there was any hCG level registering, the lady said the lab did not test for this. They tested other levels (she mentioned iron, cell counts). Facepalm. She said I could pay the $30 copay and the fee for labs and get them to retest this. Not happening. Maybe I should just be thankful I don't have a terrible disease that showed up in these tests!

    So I have decided to wait two more weeks to test again. I am also waiting on my AF to arrive, so my husband and I can start our next try if I am not pregnant. I am just trying to keep positive that things are going to work out the best way for my family. I have an appointment in a few months with my doctor for my yearly check-up so if things haven't straightened out by then, I can discuss it with my doctor.

    Good luck to everyone in their TWW! I am hoping for some BFP soon. Happy weekend!

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    @Roxanne33, I really hope your TWW goes well and that you get your BFP! I can't believe how frustrating it can be getting tests done and chasing up doctors or nurses. Ugh. But yeah, at least you're healthy!

    @rowangreeneyes, I was in a really similar position to you in TTC. We had a scare about 6 months ago now, before we started TTC. Of course, I wasn't pregnant, and I was really disappointed when I found out. That's (partly) what spurred us on to start TTC.

    AF arrived today, so this month's out. It's so disappointing when AF first starts each month. I guess there's always next month...I feel like I've said that a lot by now, though, even though it hasn't really been that long. Good luck to everyone still in their TWW. Hope you get a BFP!
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    @Saristin, thank you! The Narnia series taught me more about God than did 13 years of Christian schooling...not that I base my opinions of God on a fictional character, but the qualities that Aslan displays are wonderful depictions of the qualities of God as described in the Bible.

    @Rowangreeneyes, we shall support you as you take your TTC plunge. Not sure if we're supposed to hope that you get pregnant soon or that it takes you a while...but we'll support you either way.

    @Roxanne, are a mystery this month. I hope your doctor is right about you being pregnant. Are nosebleeds a pregnancy symptom? At least your blood looks good on all other counts. Keep us posted!

    @Rachel, I'm sorry for your disappointment. That first week after AF shows up is always the hardest, but soon enough you will be nearing your next fertile window. It goes pretty fast, when you think about it. (Remind me of that if my period shows up in two weeks....)

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    So I went to my friends baby's first birthday party today and found out that her and her husband are trying for number 2. She was the one who got preg the first time two weeks after getting off the pill. But apparently now she has been trying since feb and still nothing. Makes me feel a bit better about my situation! It is normal to take awhile to conceive! I really hope this happens soon or I will (hate to say it) majorly depressed if baby number two happens for her before getting pregnant with my first. Childish.. I know!

    Sorry for the who've had visits from AF never a fun time! Hope the next round is the one!!
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    We tested this morning....... and
    IT WAS POSITIVE!!! I literally could not believe my eyes so I took 2 more. I'm picking up a digital one tonight to take in the morning to make 100% sure but there are faint positive LINES. Oh my goodness....... Only my husband knows so far, we're going to a barbecue next weekend at my family's summer house and I think we're going to tell them then. If the digital test says I'm pregnant, I want to book a doctors appointment ASAP to confirm!! Thank you all for your good luck wishes, they worked! <3 <3
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