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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Jun 2013
    Thanks for your positive wishes ladies! I did not take a test yet even though I am dying to. I bled a little today, so I thought I was starting my period but it seems to have stopped. Spotting maybe? I feel like I am peeing more than usual and I'm very tired. Besides that, no other symptoms come to mind and to be honest, it could just be all in my head. I want to just wait until tomorrow or Saturday just to see if the spotting keeps happening or if my period is starting. Good luck to you guys, I will keep you updated
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    @alzora, we had originally planned to start in early August (around my birthday) but I keep wavering. I want to start trying, but I'm worried that it will happen right away and I won't be mentally prepared for a pregnancy and another child. Especially after a particularly hard day with Rowan, she has been throwing tantrums a lot lately and seems to be exclusively communicating in whines. I don't know, it's a weird situation... I definitely want 2 kids, but I sometimes feel like maybe we should wait a few more months so Rowan will be older when the new baby arrives? Or should I throw caution to the wind and just hope it takes us 6 months to get pregnant? I feel kinda silly on this thread when everyone else desperately wants to be pregnant and I would be happy with it taking a long time. My best friend has a newborn and instead of giving me baby fever, it's kinda reminding me how demanding a baby is and how hard it would be to have to take care of an infant and a tyrannical honeybadger aka Rowan. Granted, even if I were to get pregnant in August or September, Rowan will have 9 months to grow up a little more and change. Maybe she'll be an absolute angel next June? 2 1/2 year olds are always angels, right? haha. *sigh*
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    Hi everyone, checking in!

    Fingers crossed to everyone in the TWW wait. I actually wanted to report that (like beatrixdaisy) I'm two days late but waiting until Saturday to test. It's killing me! So nerve-wracking and hard to believe that we might have conceived on our second month of TTC. I'm so excited that I can hardly contain it, even while being completely terrified.

    Sending out positive vibes and lots of baby dust!
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    @alzora, my grandmothers name was Dorothea, and sadly she passed away recently and I love the idea of naming a little girl after her. We've always pronounced it as Doro-thea and I love the vintage charm and nickname potential; Dot, Dottie, Dorit, Thea. As for Frankie-Jean, I actually saw it on nameberry on one of the lists. I think it has a bit of sass! I also like Frances/Francine with the nickname Frankie (if I'm not brave enough to use Frankie!).. Only problem is, I have so many favourites my children will probably end up with multiple names each!

    @taliface, goodluck! I hope you get a positive! Keep us posted!
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    @alzora, these are basically friends of my husband from when he lived here. They definitely don't know about our TTC plans as my husband is a really private person. I think it's just because we've been married a while now, so they think it's fair game to tease us about babies. I've never met any of these people before, so it's pretty awkward for me.
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