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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @seirenreign - my phone is grumpy and i'm having trouble going back to check so can you remind me of your how DPO? i'm 9 (i think). my nipples are a little sore, and i'm moody as hell (just about lost it on my husband about 10 mins ago), but i also came down with a bad cold last night so feeling grumpy about that with a horrible sore throat and a little feverish and achy so who knows what's what (cold, pms, pregnancy).
    also just fighting this deep down intuitive feeling that i will never get pregnant. does anyone else get that? just this very certain feeling in my gut like: why are you bothering to do all this? you know you can't get pregnant so this is all just a charade. sigh. unhealthy, unhelpful and unfounded negative thoughts. they need to be banished!

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    Thank you, ladies! I do have a full plate right now. TTC just adds to it. But I am really thankful to get the opportunity to get some answers.

    I started working out like a boss this week. I have been so inconsistent with my schedule. But I'm hitting the cardio really hard. I'm upping my water intake and focusing on getting healthy. With my hormones out of whack and the losses, I've gained about 15 lbs :/ If nothing else, I will feel super sexy while making a baby
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    Quote Originally Posted by whitegold View Post
    My PMS this cycle has been so bad. Im currenty on my 3rd cycle and never had mood swings like this. It's now CD10 and I'm still moody and emotional. Apparently being on the pill has curbed my PMS a bit since it was never really super long, but now that I'm off, I've been moody for weeks!

    Poor husband has to deal with this! I can't imagine what I will be like when pregnant! Lol

    How's everyone else's cycles going?

    I have been wondering if there are hormones released during sex that may trigger rougher PMS symptoms...? I have always had a pretty easy cycle before I was married, and when I got married I went on implanon(sp?) for 9 months and when I went off it we used condoms for 4 months but it wasn't until he uh... tmi...would ejaculate inside with no barrier that my periods got way rougher, actually, it was my pms symptoms, I was WAY moodier, and had some cold sweats plus other random symptoms for the first few months of ttc. And my sister is saying the same thing!!! Now it could be totally unrelated and may be all in my head but I was curious about it since my sister was saying it as well. But I know it can take a few months for hormones to normalize after birth control...

    @alzora, I think its fascinating that the body works the way it does around ovulation. The sexier and more beautiful we feel the more we want to hop into bed with our lover lol. Its nature's way of helping us along during the baby making process. Very very cool lol

    @andieta, I love the idea of breaking up the thread! I think it could make it easier to follow people! I cant tell you how lost I get sometimes trying to keep up with everyone, and I sometimes feel too bad to ask for a reminder...

    To everyone else, I have my fingers crossed for you and I am hoping for good news soon! Baby Dust to all you all of you!

    P.S. thanks for the facebook requests! It so fun to put faces to the names and I kind of feel closer to you guys now =)
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    Happy traveling, @Maggie!

    @Saristan, my ovulation glow is unfortunately accompanied by faster-growing body hair. Do you get that too? My leg hair gets stubbly really fast, my eyebrows start growing in where they have been waxed. During most of the month my hair grows at an unnoticeable rate, but during the fertile window, BAM. I shave my legs in the morning and look like an ape by nightfall (but a very pretty ape, because of my ovulation glow). It's my other indicator that I'm ovulating.

    @Andrea, you are just being bombarded with medical tests! You poor thing. I am hoping the high blood pressure was just from the pill. Keep us posted. Any more news on the ovulation front?

    @Seirenreign, only a few more days until it's time to test! Which day did you say your period is due?

    @Loveday, I get that feeling in my gut, too--the feeling that I will never be pregnant. It's my pessimism talking. I just suspect that I will never know the feeling of pregnancy or breastfeeding. When that feeling overpowers my feelings of hope, I get incredibly depressed and it consumes me.

    @Casilayne, good luck with the workouts! My husband did Power 90 and then P90X and had a lot of success. He lost 60-ish pounds in the past year.

    @Botterflykisses, can't say I noticed any hormonal changes after becoming sexually active with no forms of birth control. That doesn't mean that changes didn't happen; it just means I didn't notice. Where are you at in your cycle today?

    My two-week wait starts today. I feel hopeful about my next two cycles; I feel like if I am ever able pregnant without medical help, it will happen with either my August or September cycle, because my husband and I have changed up a lot of variables in our TTC methods and my husband's sperm count will likely be higher in the next two months than it has been for our past cycles. This current cycle, though, feels somewhat futile because of my husband's two illnesses in May that would have lowered his sperm count for 60-ish days. We'll see. Let the dreadful waiting begin....

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    @alzora: My fingers and toes are crossed so hard for you, it is way past your time!!! I hope you can distract yourself enough to make your TWW bearable and I'm sending you lots of baby dust!!!

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