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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Welcome saristan!

    @ alzora - I predict ovulation around 7/12 based on a application and CM... So I'm approximately 9 DPO I expect my period to start on 7/26 so of course I took a test this morning and BFN I know it early so I really need to wait. My breast are still tender noticibly more in the afternoon than in the morning, weird? Insult to injury though my step sister went into labor today yeah for them but it kind of hurts a little we found out we were pregnant 2 weeks after them! Oh well, everything happens for a reason, I will keep working on my patience!

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    @whitegold: I agree, you can wait forever for the "perfect" time to do anything! I'm glad your husband realized this too, I'm sending you all the good ttc thoughts!
    @casilayne: I'm glad to hear it's a pretty common man thing and that having your son really brought you two closer.
    @sarahmezz: I completely agree it is such a large step, I think my husband will become more comfortable after our first real attempt as well. Right now I'm so baby crazy I'm blind to anything that would give me cold feet but I think that will change as we progress as it is such a big change and I really can't think of anything more important or involved than having and raising a child.
    @bettydogooder: Thank you for the advice, I feel so excited nervous just thinking and talking about having a baby and I'm sure he does too!
    @butterflykisses: Thank you!
    @december: Thank you! Also I know how you feel, this last cycle I was at day 39 without AF but I had already taken a test and knew I wasn't pregnant so it was just about waiting for the inevitable, so frustrating!
    @maggiefromcanada: I know I get a little depressed each month when AF comes around, just realizing that I'm not pregnant is such a downer...even when we weren't trying I couldn't help but hope. I feel like it is difficult to grasp what the actual lifestyle change will be because it is so all in-compassing and forever no take backs!
    @nowakasia: Thank you!
    @alzora: Thank you for the welcome! We plan to start officially this cycle so August and I'm so excited. We decided that for at least the first couple of months we are going to try without any aids as I have been tracking my cycle for years and feel fairly confident I know when I'm ovulating. If after 4-6 months we don't get anywhere then we will bring in some helpful supplies. I also suffer from anxiety and I am worried about postpartum but I know that I will likely be on medication during my pregnancy that should help stave it off, I'm actually meeting with my psychiatrist on Monday to talk about it.
    @seirenreign: Thank you!
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    trying to conceive our first

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    @nowakasia That is great news!! I have heard horror stories of how it makes you feel. But those same forums I read said that the SIS sonogram was excruciating....It was not at all! I mean, sure it was uncomfortable, but nothing like I thought. Are you going to stay on 100mg after the second cycle (assuming this cycle won't work...but I am praying it does work!)

    @alzora This last cycle we did a full blood panel...Is that the correct term? It was mostly blood work. There were 13+ tests they were running. I wish I has informed myself enough to know them all, but I'm not. I'll ask on my appointment on Friday. They did an SIS sonogram (where they look at the ovaries and inflate the uterus with a bit of saline to make sure there are no polyps/cysts). My husband was also tested to make sure his count was high enough. When I went into the SIS sonogram they said I was exactly, perfectly on track for ovulation. My follicles were lovely on both ovaries So, we couldn't do anything 2 days before DH's test or the day of my SIS sonogram or the day after my sonogram. So, I'm guessing I missed our window, but I'm still hoping!
    My ovaries have been aching on and off the last couple of days. I don't know what's going on with that...It's weird. Silly ovaries.

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    Casilayne - I'm so happy you found the SIS to be okay. Just uncomfortable but not too bad right? I'm glad you had nice follicles in there! (Haha funny thing to say but true!) I'm not sure what will happen if this 100mg doesn't work. I think if I do ovulate but don't get pregnant, my doc will just have me repeat it. If it still doesn't do anything, she'll probably up it to 150mg I'm guessing. Hopefully it does work though! Sigh I'm so tired of trying to get pregnant! Lol
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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    @nowakasia It was just uncomfortable. The worst part was the trans-vaginal ultrasound, they press it against each side of your vaginal wall so that they can get a clear "picture" of our ovaries ....I don't know how that works exactly. And that part makes for a bit of pressure. But the whole thing is pretty comparable to a pap smear on the pain scale. So maybe a 1-2?

    Thanks for the lovely follicles compliment Isn't it funny? Who would have imagined making a baby could be so clinical?

    I hope it does work for you!! I know you are. It's so going to be worth that squirmy bundle of joy in your arms though )

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