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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    The end.
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    @saristin - My husband was similar. He was a bit wary, but after our first proper "try", he was fine! I think it's just the enormity of what you're doing - starting a family. Every now and then I get cold feet, too, even though I know it's what I want!
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    @Alzora Thanks, I'm a graphic designer, it took a very long time for me to change careers to design so very much loving it at the moment. Very good desecration while i start the long road of waiting! Thats pretty neat that you know your body that well, I've only started reading up on how ovulation makes you look more attractive and also aids concentration and pain relief! Good luck for this month,

    @seirenreign thats funny as my screen name is also my gamer name- i didn't put much thought into it when joining as i wasn't expecting to spend this much time on the site, also at one point I've used Freya as a gamer name which is our now fav girl name. Fingers crossed for you that july is your month.

    @saristin welcome! Yes i can relate but it's the other way around. My partner is the cool calm one and I'm the nervous nelly. Speaking for myself altho I'm nervous its the same type of nerves you get when you start anything new, excited, scared of the unknown elements, giddy feeling. His nerves possibly stem from the same nervous excitement one feels. Pretty sure its normal!

    I hope everyone else is having a good month, I haven't reached the ummm "window" of opportunity just yet so way to soon to report anything from my end. Do women actually get symptoms of pregnancy other then implantation bleeding before they have a missed period? What are some of the common ones? Good luck to those who are waiting.
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    Welcome saristan!

    I am also echoing Alzora's comment about facebook! I tried to message a couple of you but my phone is seriously having major malfunctions and is being a pain, adding letters/words deleting letters/words.uggg... I will try again tomorrow if I dontdon't keep having these issues!
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    Good to see you back Alzora and thanks for the links

    And welcome saristan, I wish you a speedy ttc journey!

    @bettydogooder, I think it varies from person to person; from pregnancy to pregnancy with symptoms - from what I've read some people get symptoms of pregnancy before their missed period but I don't think it's common.

    Not much to report with me, on cycle day 34, still no AF which I'm kind of annoyed about, i mean come on already! I know i'm not pregnant because i had the blood test last week but I'm so eager to start the next cycle...

    And as everyone else has said, just pm me if you want to be friends on fb, a warning though... I'm really boring so not much happens on my page :0
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