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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Jun 2013
    Hi guys, thought I'd check in since I've been lurking around. Not that I have too much to report.

    I worry that it's hard to remember who I am since I haven't uploaded a photo. So to recap: 35 years old, TTC since August 2012, got pregnant in April, miscarried in June and now working out health issues that I only realized I had after the miscarriage- hypothyroid and low platelets.

    I've been on Synthroid since July 4th and so far it's been fine as far as I can tell-no difference one way or another. Yesterday I finally got in to see the hematologist regarding my platelets. He just drew blood and can't tell me anything about what my situation is until the results come back next week.

    But the visit was upsetting. It was in the oncology floor of a hospital, which was unnerving. The the doctor just seemed really interested in the science of it all, rather than being reassuring. Like he seemed kind of thrilled that I had hypothyroidism and low platelets because he had written a paper years ago about them being related. He explained that autoimmune imbalances were rather unspecific--so your immune system often creates antibodies that attack both your thyroid and your platelets. Like he expected me to be like, 'wow, isn't medical science fascinating?!' when I'm recalling thinking, 'Shit, so what other vital part of my body is it attacking?! And will it attack my baby if I manage to get pregnant again?' Plus he mentioned that he wouldn't be surprised at all if this caused my miscarriage.

    So that was yesterday, and today I'm really tired and sad and can't get out of bed. All the bad feelings from my miscarriage came flooding back. Ugh.

    I guess it's weird for me to be on this thread as I'm not TTC until we figure out if all this is sorted properly. But it feels nice to follow everyone's trials, tribulations and successes.

    Andie--I hope it is ovulation bleeding!

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    Daisychain, I was just thinking about you this afternoon! I'm glad that you are on Synthroid, that is a great start (what dose are you on?). And I'm sure the doctors will figure things out and you will be just fine soon enough! But, I am so sorry to hear how sad you are right now. Totally understandable. I feel overwhelmed and drained after doctor's appointments (sorry your doctor wasn't very reassuring), too, plus you have very recently suffered a loss. Sending you hugs! I hope tomorrow is a better day. Also, you are totally welcome to hang out here even if you aren't TTC yet - I consider the prep phase just as valid as the actual process. At least, that's how I justify having been on here since April even though I'm still technically in the prep phase.

    Another negative OPK tonight. No biggie. I just consider this as data collection!

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    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!

    @maggiefromcanada Haha, thanks .

    @sarahmezz Sorry this wasn't your month, really hope August is your month! What a wonderful anniversary gift that would be.

    @daisychain I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope all your health issues are resolved soon, and that you get to talk to a more compassionate doctor next time. At least he's excited about your case, though, maybe that means he will be able to help you more?

    Today I had a couple random waves of nausea which really has me hoping hard that I will see a positive test this weekend. At the same time I feel a bit nervous. If this happened so easily, what is going to go wrong down the road? Silly, I know, but I'm that person who's always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Even sillier, I feel kind of like I'm missing out on the true experience of TTC! And guilty because I know so many women who have fertility issues and had to try so hard to get pregnant, yet it seems I got it the first try. I wish I could spread some of my luck and baby dust around!

    Ugh, I'm sick of feeling things for tonight. Time for some mindless video games with DH.
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    loveday - if nothing a positive opk assures that your cycle is working. That is a great part of the battle in TTC. I hope that your body cooperates and show a BFP this cycle!

    Andie - I'm crossing my fingers for ovulation bleeding for you!

    daisychain - You experience is exactly why I switched doctors. I found a midwife who I am in LOVE with, and she referred to me a fertility specialist who I have really enjoyed. Every time I leave his office I feel informed and hopeful. It is a medical lecture every time I go in. Then he is also really sympathetic and even empathetic (His wife has had 2 losses). I hope you can find that same. ((Hugs))
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    Hi guys, thanks for the sympathy!

    Andie-- The endocrinologist put me on a dose of 75 micrograms a day, which seemed a little high to me, given I was only at 6.2 whatevers (I don't know the units or what's being meausured there-thyroid something), but maybe it was increasing rapidly, since it had been at 5.8 two weeks earlier, and he wanted to try to stop that. I really need to ask more questions next time so I get a better sense of what's going on.

    For the last two days I've been really depressed and tired - haven't really gotten out of bed. I wonder if it's my thyroid- perhaps the Synthroid hasn't kicked in properly yet? Or it could be the heat, it has been 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Or maybe I'm sick. Or just depressed. Could be some combination of the above.

    Nerdycat and Casilayne-- I guess I'm thinking these docs really don't have good bedside manners, but they are at research institutions. My feeling is that I'm probably too high risk to go with a midwife. It sounds like if I get pregnant, there's going to be a lot of monitoring and tweaking of meds. The hematologist said he often has to put people with low platelets on anticoagulants, paradoxically, when they're pregnant, as the body can overcompensate somehow and cause clots.

    Anyway, I'm sticking with them for the time being and hoping they can sort all this out.

    In good news, I got my period! 32 days after my miscarriage started naturally, 23 days after I had to have a D and C. I'm hoping I can count this cycle from the natural mc start, as that would suggest that maybe the Synthroid is helping me have a longer cycle. Before the mc, before I got pregnant, my cycles fluctuated- actually oscillated fairly regularly between a short (24-26) and a longer (30 day or so) cycle.

    Nerdycat, I hope you do get pregnant in the first month trying and that you're spared this agony.

    We haven't heard from Alzora in a while, have we? Perhaps she's stepping away from this forum to try to come to terms with the adoption option. I hope she's doing well!

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